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    'Unbearable Injustice': Berlin Police Salaries Are Lower Than Social Payments

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    The unemployed in Berlin get more government money than the police each month, André Grashof, head of the fraud department at the Berlin police told Sputnik Germany, adding that the police are going to file a lawsuit with the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

    The salary of Berlin police employees is the lowest in Germany. One of the policemen made the appropriate calculations and sounded the alarm, André Grashof told Sputnik Germany.

    Grashof believes that the low salaries of the Berlin police contradict the country's constitution. Now Grashof is collecting money to file a complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court.

    "The legislation provides that the family of a civil servant who receives a salary at the bottom of the tariff scale should gain 15% more money than a family living on social benefits," the police representative explained.

    It turns out that people who just start their work in the police have an income of 24,800 euros per year, while the family that lives on the allowance would receive about 23,900 euros a year, only 900 euro less.

    However, the family of a police officer has a lot of monthly expenses which the family living on unemployment benefits does not have to pay. They include, for example, the costs of public transport as well as a reimbursement of the radio and TV tax, which "reduce" the actual income to 22,600 euros a year.

    "It turns out that the family of a civil servant should receive 2,600 euros more to comply with the directives of the Federal Constitutional Court," Grashof explained.

    Grashof believes that the position of the Belin police officers is simply unbearable. Such conditions do not contribute to a person's willingness to work as a civil servant in Berlin, he said.

    He also noted that the police have big problems filling available vacancies.

    "The gap between the elderly and young employees is increasing, and in the coming years we will have a huge wave of retirement, which we won't be able to compensate. The longer our politicians leave this question unanswered, the more dramatic the situation will become," Grashof stated.

    According to him, the respect for police work implies "a much higher pay, which, among other things, can again motivate people" and "attract valuable specialists back to Berlin."


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