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    Former British Conservative MP Louise Mensch

    Ex UK MP Mensch Continues 'Wild Conspiracy Theories' Despite Scant Evidence

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    Former British MP Louise Mensch, who has made repeated claims that the Trump campaign is connected to Russia, is facing accusations of peddling conspiracy theories. To back up her insights into the US and Russia, Mensch has told Western media that she is "a temporary superpower."

    Former chick-lit author, former Conservative British MP, former editor of a libertarian US Newscorp site, Heat Street — and now blogger. Louise Mensch's career trajectory has shifted significantly in the past decade with minimal global attention. However, that all changed on November 7th 2016.

    'EXCLUSIVE: FBI 'Granted FISA Warrant' Covering Trump Camp's Ties To Russia' read the Heat Street headline.

    In the article, Mensch asserted that she had been contacted by sources with links to the counter-intelligence community, who told her that the FBI was granted, a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court warrant in October 2016 to monitor US citizens involved in the Trump campaign for alleged ties to Russia.

    Fast forward two months, and several more high-profile media outlets, including the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, also started reporting that the US Justice Department was investigating communications between Russian banks and a Trump associate.

    Mensch was quick to take credit.

    However, with her new found international fame, Mensch began to make increasingly outlandish claims over a whole plethora of topics.

    In often expletive ridden tweets, Mensch has variously claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the murder of US citizen Andrew Breitbart, the founder of far-right news site Breitbart news; that Trump adviser Steve Bannon orchestrated bomb threats against Jewish schools; and that President Obama should have bombed Russia to help win a global cyberwar.

    The bizzare twitter output of Ms. Mensch has not prevented her from being praised by some liberal-leaning news outlets, which have praised Mensch's reporting.

    On February 17th, the UK Guardian newspaper ran a flattering portrayal of Louise Mensch, praising her ability to land an "extraordinary scoop that had eluded the best investigative journalists in the US" in relation to her November FISA article.

    At the end of the piece Mensch boasted:

    "I've never been sued because I've never been wrong."

    However, she has been challenged by some journalists on why many of her allegations do not come with accompanying proof.

    Then, in March 2017, BBC journalist Andrew Neil questioned: "Aren't you in danger of peddling wild conspiracy theories?"

    Towards the end of the interview, prompting the unmistakable mocking laughter of fellow guests, Neil also referred to A Sunday Times newspaper interview, in which Mensch called herself "a temporary superpower."

    The testy exchange has not prevented Ms. Mensch from characterising herself as a serious journalist.

    However, her continued twitter and TV outburst, far from helping her cultivate a reputation as an investigative reporter, have given Mensch the air of an internet conspiracy theorist.


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