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    A young woman holds an universal dictionary Arabic as she sits in front of a poster at the International Bookfair in Frankfurt , Germany (File)

    'Multilingual Society': German Educators Call for Compulsory Arabic in Schools

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    The increasing popularity of Arabic courses in Germany reflects an understanding that Arabic is set to play an important role in German politics and society, German political scientist Naji Abbas told Sputnik Arabic.

    In recent years Germany has faced the challenge of integrating over a million asylum seekers from the Middle East and elsewhere into its society. 

    Learning German is essential to finding work, and language instruction constitutes the basis of integration courses provided for refugees. 

    Germany's Federal Employment Agency has set an ambitious target: it hopes to see half of all refugees employed within five years. Within 15 years, it wants 70 percent of refugees to have found an occupation. 

    However, refugees' employment figures from last year underscore the scale of the task: between December 2015 and November 2016, just 34,000 asylum seekers from the eight most common countries of origin had found work.

    At the same time, some government agencies have proposed extending services in Arabic so that refugees have better access to public services. 

    For example, earlier this month the Employment Agency in Halle began holding parents' evenings in schools in Arabic, to help parents with little knowledge of German to better understand their children's options for education or vocational training.

    In 2015, Germany's Commissioner for Integration Aydan Ozoguz suggested that German Chancellor Angela Merkel should give her New Year address to the nation with Arabic subtitles, so that newly-arrived migrants and refugees can understand the speech.

    More than 300,000 asylum seekers in Germany are under the age of 18 and last year, Thomas Strothotte, a German-Canadian professor of Computer Science and President of Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg, suggested that not only should refugees learn German, but German children should have the opportunity to learn Arabic, too. 

    "As a Canadian citizen who has been living in Germany since 1985 and has played a major role in the establishment of two bilingual schools, I see this above all as an opportunity for a new model of school education," Strothotte wrote in the German newspaper Die Zeit.

    He suggested that German and Arabic be mandatory subjects for children until their final high school exams prior to graduation.

    "Thereby, we acknowledge that we are a country of immigration and a multilingual society," Strothotte said.

    Ansaf Azzam, director of the Cordoba Arabic language school in Berlin, told Sputnik that demand for courses is increasing, as Germans are coming to see learning Arabic as a useful skill. Previously, the greatest demand came from Turkish or Albanian immigrants, who sought courses about Islamic culture. 

    "Now there is a tendency towards Arabic becoming a compulsory language to learn in schools," Azzam said, adding that the Bundestag is likely to approve such a plan because "it is beneficial for the economics and politics of Germany."

    German political scientist Naji Abbas told Sputnik that increasing numbers of Germans working in the civil service, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government organs, are enrolling on Arabic language courses.

    "Germany wants to uphold its interests in the Middle East, and for that you need to know the language of the region. In the next ten years, the popularity of courses in this language is expected to increase. Moreover, the government plans to establish departments for Arabic teaching in its ministries, especially those which are establishing active ties with the Arab countries," Abbas explained.

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    • sapper
      Better compulsory German for the immigrants, legal or illegal!!
    • avatar
      What is about the languages of the black (I hope this word is allowed) from somewhere in Africa? Living in direct neighbourhood of a refugee housing area with more than 1000 inhabhitants I have always the impression that there are more black young men than young men of arabic origin.
    • Hermesin reply tosapper(Show commentHide comment)
      That's not in the plans. What is in the plans is the complete destruction of the german culture, the german people and the german state and anyone that doesn't understand that by now is an idiot and a danger to the german people. Once there was a very wise man that locked them up before they could become a threat but since they are allowed to roam free they will destroy Germany.
    • Sam Handwich
      Put a fork in it. Germany is done.
    • sapperin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, Hi messenger of the gods. I agree with you on that. That's just for starters though. Hopefully the Germans vote the right way later this year and put in power somebody who is not over-awed by the hidden hand that wants to basically exterminate the human race by one means or another. That's why they are trying to demonise and destroy Russia, because they know that in the end it will be in vain if they don't. Check out Lada Ray for her insights. Also David Icke. Changes are starting to become more obvious this year and the bad guys are panicking now, hence the speed=up of their methods.
    • avatar
      Ha, ha, ha, ha, what a good laugh, Sputnik is getting sillier and sillier. Referring on a wet dreams of an screwed in brain Arab is really top Sputnik achievement. It is so bloody easy to obtain an interview with someone highly positioned in Educational Senate in Berlin and ask them this question before looking ridiculous.

      Now Sputnik as good propaganda news should know how easily is misleading usage of statistics. When mentioned that increase in interest in learning Arabic in last 15 years about 70% than it is necessary to mention that in real terms related to population that increase is less than 0,001% and that represents about 8.000 people which are all of Arabic origin. In Germany which is very traditional country there is absolutely none interest in Arabic language amongst Germans as in the University I am working in we have only Arab descendants who are interested in learning Arabic and I believe that is because home pressure as more and more Muslim students reject Islamic code of conduct and are more like our young ladies. Only here and there you will find some brainwashed young Muslim woman with headscarf but not Hijab or Burka as they are forbidden in our University. Only headscarf is allowed, but it is very rare.

      Interest in Arabic language is practically nonexistent and we are expecting slight increase due to some of migrants expressing their wish to study over here and they are only Syrian origin who did not ask for asylum but they want just to continue education. Vast majority of migrants are very poorly educated and for example Afghani migrants have documents to prove that they were studying prior to arrival but they were studying religious schools only as there is no other type of schools and unfortunately they have no value over here as our students have to show relevant level of knowledge in order to go forward and not how many verses of Koran someone knows by hearth.
    • avatar
      Compulsory Arabic up to school leaving age - that's an awful lot of Arabic teachers and an awful lot of hours which could be better spent learning Chinese or, better yet, Russian. I'm all in favour of giving kids more opportunities to learn languages, but anyone who seriously thinks compulsory Arabic for all high-school children is a good idea has clearly never studied Arabic as a foreign language. Educational policy should never be driven by misguided social engineering agendas - that just results in wasted opportunities and wasted resources.
    • avatar
      skyleinin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, April 6, 2017 (also my birthday) is the 100th anniversary of US entry into the first Talmudic war on Germany, as a quid pro quo for the Balfour Declaration. By 1935, Germany, having risen from the ashes like a Phoenix, had to be smashed once again.
      And now, the tactics having changed, the spirit of the Hexagram has a new method of destruction against, not just the white man's center of gravity --Germany--but to all in it's racial orbit.
      "Do you know, (Lindemann) asked, what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age?: ..."Well what is it?" (Sir Roy Harrod asked) ... "It will not be the Hitler and the second world war...It will not be the menace of communism.. It will not be the release of nuclear energy..." He put on an expression of extreme severity, and turned sown the corner of his lips. "IT WILL BE THE ABDICATION OF THE WHITE MAN."
      From The Prof: A Personal Memoir of Lord Cherwell" by [Sir Roy Forbes] R. F. Harrod, Macmillon, 1959 pp 261-262
      Fred Lindemann aka Lord Cherwell, was a Alsatian Jew and "science" advisor to Churchill. He was the architect of the firebombing of German civilians. See also, German Village-Dugway Proving Ground.
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