01:50 GMT +330 March 2017
    US Secretary of Defence James Mattis delivers a speech during a press conference following the NATO Defence Ministers' meeting at NATO headquarter in Brussels

    NATO Deployment in Baltics ‘Wholly Defensive’ to Maintain Deterrence - Mattis

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    NATO’s deployments in the Baltic states are solely defensive and are aimed to uphold deterrence, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksei Meshkov told Sputnik earlier in February that the NATO’s military deployment in the Baltics poses a threat to Russia.

    "We are engaged, as we speak, to ensure alliance is relevant and fit for its time. The United States is moving units into the Baltic states – Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria – under Operation Atlantic Resolve," Mattis said. "This is a wholly defensive deployment to maintain deterrence."

    NATO also made a decision to send multinational battalions to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia at its Warsaw summit in July.

    The alliance has been increasing its military presence in the Eastern Europe since 2014, using vulnerability to alleged Russian aggression as a pretext. Russia has repeatedly voiced its protest against the increased number of NATO troops near its borders.


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      This OLD WAR CRIMINAL is a CHARLATAN , unscrupulous MANURE BAG.
      NATO doesn't need to be there doing NOTHING.
      Perhaps is time Russia stop the stupid, trying TRUMP, and have vessels , spy ones surrounding U.S to PROMOTE PEACE.
      Also they should surround all NATO countries.

      This is the result of STUPIDITY! Instead of been doing what Russia must is distracted all day about what TRUMP said, what Merkel said. Forget the con artists, coup winner. \
      NATO is the one promoting the civilian deaths in Ukraine. But Russia doesn't respond like it supposed .

      Russia should had expanded CSTO LONG AGO. And keep dragging feet and watching your favorite con artists.
      CIS will disappear SOON. Kaliningrad will be part of E.U, so will Crimea, and Georgia.
      Because ALL Russian leaders are doing is seating all day watching wets soaps. And the RIFF RAFF.
      This LIVER SPOTS BAG, is just venting hot air, to call attention.
      \Georgia wanted free trade, and free passage with no passport. What Russia did? WASTING time behind NATO and U.S.

      Soviet Union did NOT collapsed due to sanctions. At the end of the Soviet Union, the GDP was 60% plus the one in U.S.
      With lot less expenses.
      It was GORBACHEV, forcing Soviets into democracy and market based country that collapsed and defaulted Russia .
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