22:07 GMT03 March 2021
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    Whether Britain is in or out of the European Union has been added to the list of favorite topics British people like to moan about, joining "the weather" as another gripe, not grape.

    And the moaning is pretty much always about the rain, isn't it?

    It's the grey, rainy skies over Blighty that gives people so much to moan about — but now, the weather in Europe's to blame for leaving supermarket shelves short.

    Even worse, some supermarkets are imposing vegetable rations on their customers, citing the rain in Spain.

    "Due to continued weather problems in Spain there is a shortage of iceberg lettuce," a note in Tesco supermarket read.

    "To protect the availability to all our customers, we are limiting bulk purchases to three per person. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

    Another British supermarket, Morrisons, has also imposed similar measures on its customers, rationing people to three broccoli florets and only three iceberg lettuces each.

    But it was only a month ago there was a notable lack of spinach in many British supermarkets, so it's not surprising that production of vegetables in Europe is still down by around 40 percent and produce will continue to be limited until early April.

    Spain supplies 80 percent of Europe's vegetables and salad stuff during the winter months but the recent heavy rain has severely hampered crops — leaving Britain — and the rest of Europe — fighting over supplies. 


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