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    Flattering But Fallacious, Fallon: Russia Accused of Creating 'Post-Truth Age'

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    UK Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has accused Russia, and Sputnik News, of "weaponizing misinformation" to create a "post-truth age" in a sustained campaign of destabilization against NATO and the West. Evidence for this alleged campaign was predictably lacking – as was evidence a "truth age" ever actually existed in Western politics.

    Speaking at St. Andrews University in Scotland, Sir Michael Fallon accused Russia of using cyberattacks to "disrupt critical infrastructure and disable democratic machinery." Describing a "persistent pattern of behavior" on the part of Russia, he reeled off a by-now dully over-familiar list of alleged Kremlin meddling in the affairs of other nations, including the 2016 election in Montenegro, and the Netherlands referendum on the EU-Ukraine treaty.  

    The Defense Secretary, who claims to have seen no evidence Saudi Arabia purposely targets civilians in the Yemeni civil war, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, could even detect Russian intrusion in events that haven't happened yet — namely, the September 2017 federal election in Germany.

    However, Mr. Fallon mercifully stopped short of charging Russia with "hacking" the DNC emails, which may be an indication the UK political class has finally caught up with former President Barack Obama, who stated in his final presidential press conference that US intelligence agencies did not have any evidence to suggest Russia provided WikiLeaks with the emails, and also specifically referred to them as "leaked" as opposed to "hacked."

    The Brexit referendum was also absent from his catalogue of baseless indictments, possibly a further signal that Ben Bradshaw's theory — for which the MP himself admitted he had zero evidence — has failed to catch on (given the reception Mr. Bradshaw's paranoid theorizing received from the House of Commons, that's perhaps understandable). 

    Evidently, the omnipotent Russians aren't covertly responsible for absolutely everything that doesn't go the Western elites' way — although Mr. Fallon was clear that in an ongoing effort to "weaponize" information, the Kremlin was responsible for the "post-truth age" we now allegedly live in. This was primarily achieved, he said, by the news reporting of Russia Today and Sputnik News, which exist to disseminate "Soviet-style misinformation."

    While staff at both outlets are no doubt supremely flattered by the notion they are powerful enough to shape a very era, especially given their comparatively miniscule share of the media market, critics may balk at the idea of a "post-truth age" — after all, such phraseology by definition suggests there was once a "truth age" in Western media and politics.

    For all the talk of fake news in recent months, few have stopped to consider whether the Western media — typically profit-maximizing businesses, owned by 1 percenter magnates, which depend almost entirely on advertising revenue to keep their lights on and information from state and corporate sources to fill their pages — is itself capable of reporting honestly on world affairs.

    As reporting on the Syrian civil war and Venezuelan politics surely attests, to name but two contemporaneous examples, media coverage that emerges out of such a structure is by and large fake news. Academic studies of reporting on a vast array of issues, including climate changethe financial crisis and the Israel-Palestine conflict, consistently conclude the mainstream media support elite narratives, and barely feature dissenting views.

    Moreover, Western governments have long sought to "weaponize" information, often with catastrophic results. Reports of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, which helped galvanize public support for the potentially illegal 2003 invasion, flowed directly from Britain's MI6. The intelligence service, under the auspices of "Operation Mass Appeal," fed reporters knowingly false stories, which would be "joyfully" leaped on as "free copy" and then uncritically regurgitated.

    What prompted Mr. Fallon's broadside against Moscow and its all-pervading hidden hand isn't clear. It could be that he intended to do some informational "weaponizing" of his own — after all, he suggested Britain and its allies should carry out their own cyberattacks against Russia in "retaliation."

    Alternatively, the conclusion of his speech may offer some clues as to his true motivations. Noting Russia under Vladimir Putin had become a "strategic competitor" to the West, the Defense Secretary said it was in the UK's and Europe's interests to "keep NATO strong and deter and dissuade Russia from this course," recalling the words of NATO's first Secretary General Lord Ismay, who said the purpose of the alliance was to:

    "…keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down."

    Sir Fallon's comments are surely representative of the views of many members of the Western elite, who wish to financially and politically dominate the world without opposition, and feel their supremacy increasingly threatened by rising powers such as China, India and Russia. 

    However, the election of Donald Trump as US President may mean they are forced to accept a changing world order — for as long as he is in office, at least.

    Furthermore, Sir Fallon may be forced to take a milder tone on Russia for the same reason — after all the UK government is rushing to bring its foreign policy more in line with that of President Trump, someone who makes no secret of his desire for improved US/Russia relations.

    As Mr. Fallon delivered his speech, in which he praised US and European sanctions on Russia, the US Treasury announced it was adjusting its sanctions.

    The Defense Secretary's intended depth charge may turn out to be a damp squib.


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      ALL this is RUSSIA own fault. You do NOT treat nice THUGS , WAR CRIMINALS, That arm civilians to destabilize countries. and is doing coups against Russia. Like a HABIT.
      IF Russia would had HURT all interest, including buying out BP, they would be extra silent. FALLON another autistic person, would shut it.
    • md74
      "Sir" Michael Fallon? Really???
    • v76
      Like all the other western lies, bullshit and propaganda.... no one will believe it except the corrupt, criminal politicians who made up the stories.
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      the criminal clown...
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      Makes you wonder who/what is policing the herd mentality of this supposedly intelligent British elite (excuse the oxymoron).
    • NATOisEVILin reply tov76(Show commentHide comment)
      v76, And the liberal leftists who really are brainwashed by their sick propaganda.
    • NATOisEVILin reply toJPH(Show commentHide comment)
      JPH, Oxymoron: Someone who are addicted to Oxycontin (Works like Heroin) and will walk over dead bodies to get it. (probably where the "moron" comes in)
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      His obvious frustration is trying to deceive and manipulate is increasingly impossible if people know the truth.
      Such is the despair that the only weapon left in there damaged arsenal is to convince people that the truth is bad for you as you might wake up one day with a Russian prime minister.

      There is also no doubt that the neocons will push full speed ahead until they find a way to turn the Americans that have voted Trump in to support more poverty more wars and more brutality because its for your own good.
      They simply refuse to face reality nobody but nobody thought the majority of states would see the truth and demand there nation back these people will never accept warmongering abusive lying SOB ever again its a revolution that will continue to grow till a decent multi polar governance is in place and people are respected again and given there freedom from oppression.

      Fallon is 1/2 pie saying one thing and doing another which is par for course for a lying manipulating western politician who dares insult the intelligent population that they are exposed by RT and Sputnik to Russian 'Sovietism'.

      And it will eat them alive and they should repent and gladly go back to being lied to cheated to and sent to there deaths at the will of empire.

      Someone should hurry up and tell Fallon the Empire is dead and the burial was on January 20th gone but perhaps they will wait till the first anniversary before it sinks in.
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, the empire cliche with Fallon lol. He's allied to Brussels and McCain.
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      As with any revolution of a repressed society this ole boy and his family usually get preferred status at the hang mans rope.
    • Korz53
      Fallon is a idiot
    • Korz53in reply toNATOisEVIL(Show commentHide comment)
      NATOisEVIL, 1984
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