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    'The Holy Grail for Physicists': First Evidence Universe is a Hologram Uncovered

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    Theoretical physicists at the University of Southampton believe they have uncovered evidence the universe is in fact a giant holographic illusion – and one of the researchers on the project has told Sputnik the findings will alter the way scientists think about the universe forevermore.

    In essence, the holographic universe theory means that while humans perceive reality as three dimensional, it is in fact a mere projection on a two dimensional surface — effectively an illusion.

    If that's a tad mindboggling, Professor Kostas Skenderis, one of the researchers on the project, generously simplified the concept.

    "A good analogy might be watching a 3D movie at the cinema — onscreen images may have height, width and depth, but they're just projections on a flat 2D screen. In our 3D universe, however, we can touch and feel objects — the 'projection' is 'real' from our perspective," Professor Skenderis told Sputnik.

    Many might find the concept peculiar, but theories suggesting the universe is an illusion or hologram are nothing new. Professor Skenderis explains these ideas were first promulgated in the late 1990s, as scientists attempted to reconcile the conflicting notions of general relativity and quantum mechanics.

    "During the last century, there were two key pillars of scientific understanding — general relativity and quantum mechanics. The former describes universe well, the latter describes cosmos well, but it's difficult to combine the two. Hence, the holy grail for physicists for decades was a theory which combines both. The holographic principle goes some way to rectifying this disparity — it was formulated by scientists, most notably Juan Maldacena, who studied the physics of black holes," Professor Skenderis adds.

    The difference is, the new study contains the first evidence — Skenderis is very specific that the findings are not "proof" — that this thesis is correct. This substantiation was identified by developing models of the holographic universe that could be tested by peering back in time as far as 13 billion years ago, the furthest reaches of the observable Universe.

    Advances in telescopes and sensing equipment have allowed scientists to detect a vast amount of hidden data in the "afterglow" left by the Big Bang, the point the universe was created. Using this data, the team found some of the simplest quantum field theories could explain nearly all cosmological observations of the infant universe. This moves quantum gravity away from an alternative theory, and towards an accepted model of understanding.

    Sketch of timeline of the holographic universe
    © Photo: Paul McFadden.
    Sketch of timeline of the holographic universe

    "Our findings raise many philosophical questions, including what space and time is, and what existed before them — after all, there was a period when neither existed. For those worried our findings suggest the universe isn't real, I'd say that it's simply a different understanding of what our universe is. There was a time when people thought atoms were elementary, but it was subsequently discovered they were comprised of other particles. That doesn't make atoms less real. Our universe is very real, but there's a deeper structure behind it. General relativity didn't make Newton's laws totally irrelevant," Professor Skenderis told Sputnik.

    The Professor adds that "holography" is a significant leap forward in the way scientists think about the structure and creation of the universe. The research fundamentally changes how the origins and mechanisms are understood at a quantum level.

    His team hopes the study will further human understanding of the early universe and explain how space and time emerged.


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      If the universe is a picture show, then it is future time (light) projected on present time (rotating space, which is a function of time). It is more easily understood as a sensing system however, since it makes sense.

      Also, in physical reality there is no "past time". And so there is no time when time does not exist.

      Also, the timeline sketch is stupid.
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      Incredible stuff.
    • avatar
      interesting development for the kids to read.
    • supportin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, if it were 50 years ago, the title of the article would be something along the lines of "The Universe May Be Viewed As Analogous To A Hologram." The problem is I know full-grown adults with Master's and PhD's who cannot differentiate between a metaphor, a simile, an allegory, an argosy, an odyssey and an analogy.

      ...And those are English Lit. majors LOL.

      No one knows what "is" is. Kant and Heidegger took the concept on and failed. The use of "is" made possible the concept of Kant's synthetic a priori upon which the Big Bang Theory rests. The use of "is" made possible Heidegger's Dasein upon which ramifications Heidegger's co-location theory rests which is the cornerstone of quantum computing.

      Maybe there needs to be a science of "use-ology." with its sacred symbol being a shovel, toilet plunger or a hammer. After all those are what science is meant to be: a tool not a surrogate religious battle flag for atheists.
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      dvdgrg09in reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, hey watch it, I was an English lit major! I heard of most of those words, but I don't know what they really mean. What does "mean" mean, anyway? It looks like you are a philosopher, in my world I never wondered what "is" is, but I wondered what the "meaning" of life is (whatever that is -- "is", I mean). Anyway you touched a nerve when you mentioned the Big Bang, don't get me started! I have written a lot about that -- to the contrary -- and worse yet (for the Bangians) I have even kept some of what I wrote. Don't dare me, or I will publish it right here in this comment section! Then you will be in trouble.
    • supportin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, then we are kindred spirits. I too think Bangians are also Bhongians or perhaps Hookahians. To me it is obvious that the role dark mass, dark matter and the entire spectrum of the alternative Universe is as a creche for the matter of our Universe which, when exhausted from its present energy state, collapses over to the dark side through the mechanism of black holes rather like an eternal sand egg timer.

      So go ahead, I dare you! Publish away!
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      dvdgrg09in reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, I think I remember something from the past ringing a bell here. We may be kindred spirits, but we are on opposite sides of the spectrum if you think there the universe contains a finite amount of energy to be "exhausted". You appear to think there is some difference between dark mass and dark matter -- maybe you mean dark matter and dark energy. I have to say that the adjective "dark" indicates that the apparent phenomena revealed by observations are not understood. In my world, it is the hypothesis behind the observations that is not understood. If you understand "dark matter", please tell me what it is. In my world, "dark matter" is large scale rotating space. When you can explain "dark matter'' in a way that is consistent with "proven" theories you will be ahead of the cosmologists and in a position to give further evidence regarding the universal collapse "over to the dark side". In my world, a black hole is a region of large-scale condensed rotating space, like a super-neutron. It cannot go anywhere. Eventually it must "evaporate" due to a slight difference between the interior surface of the rotating space and its exterior surface.

      Since I do not believe you have any explanation for dark matter or any particular reason for your hypothetical universal energy exhaustion, I hesitate to enter into a fruitless debate. However, we appear to have a common dislike for the Big Bang hypothesis. So I will leave you with the same point that (as I remember at any rate) I left you with last time, which is that the "creation moment" so badly handled by the Bangians exists not in some imaginary "past time" (which as I said does not exist in physical reality) but in future time.
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      theories theories and more theories , as science , lies to control us and reduce our potential ,
      the ring pass not zone extends to 400,000 km from the 'center' of the earth, this is the universe,
      is etheric and no live dna can pass this zone without special permission from the bosses.
      the scambags thought they can fool the bosses and tried a couple time to send humans ,in one occasion innocent including a teacher , outside the etheric pass not zone , everybody knows the disasters and the destructions of their crafts, in one occasion (columbia ) directly above crete * ( the scambags had some equipment on board to scan the island ). probably the reason the zios made mythodea in athens was to get permision from the bosses .
      Another bs theory as all theories ??
      another t
    • supportin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, I personally do not have a formulated theory but certainly and specifically ddressing your conception, Professors Leffert and Piccerelli and Professor Feynman all addressed time in the manner you do and provide mathematical and geometrical proofs and corrollaries to substantiate their positions. Their work is very well known in th eliterature and is freely available both at archive.org or through your search engine.

      BTW, dark mass is the plasma state of dark matter. Professor Leffert refers to it and defines its parameters in one of his papers, as does Prof Feynmann. Dark plasma at its horizon juncture with our Universe changes polarity IMO to achieve equilibrium with our Universe as well as to contribute matter driven by vacuum pressure (see also Leffert and Prof. Volovik) to our spacetime continuum.

      Prof. Vera Rubin of blessed memory is the mother of the concept of dark matter, based as such knowledge is on the work of Prof. Lorentz and Prof. Fitzgerald which latter prof built the apparatus for measuring the speed of light for Prof. Michelson in 1909 or so.
    • supportin reply tominoan(Show commentHide comment)
      minoan, I like your theory the best. Just because I am not a full-blown Hellenist does not mean I do not cast a first drop of wine from my finger to appease the unknown god :)
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      dvdgrg09in reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, my time of reading other people's work is long gone. I have read some of Feynman's books, he has given me good information and I consider him to be my hero so to speak. I have heard of Leffert, don't know the others. I doubt they have anything similar to my conception of time, nor of "energy" come to think of it. (Energy and time come down to be equivalent in my formulation, and not in the sense that Noether's theorem suggests.) In my world the "spacetime continuum" is an illusion; time is a two-way street between present and future time. I too have produced mathematical formulas, and in fact it is the agreement I found between my equations and the existing theoretical foundations that compelled me to spend several years of my life teaching myself and figuring out what my discoveries -- and I mean that -- meant (there is that word again).
      As far as dark matter goes, consider this as a piece of evidence for rotating space -- that is, imagine that the spherical halo described in wikipedia below is actually a rotating sphere of space:

      "The distribution of dark matter in galaxies required to explain the motion of the observed matter suggests the presence of a roughly spherically symmetric, centrally concentrated halo of dark matter with the visible matter concentrated in a central disc.[48]"

      I am still not ready to release bits of my cosmology here, but keep going if you feel like it!
    • support
      It certainly sounds as if you have some basis for empirically substantiating that which you have developed through independent study which, more often than not, yields positive results. I look forward to your publication of results. If as you contend there is commerical and industrial value to your discoveries, I highly recommend going the trade secret licensing under trademark law route as opposed to simply and solely patenting the process or method: the Einstein family's fortunes still ride on the trade screts associated with heat transfer between conducting metal which are used to design every autmotive and power plant fluidic and gaseious cooling coil on the planet. Trade secret protection under trademark law works very well, patents not so much.

      I am under time constraints now, too, or I would continue our exchange further. Good luck with your work however.
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      minoanin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, ;-) , thanks for your comment , not sure i can be characterized as full-blown Hellenist since what survived from that civilization was purposefully destroyed ,as all the libraries burned , stolen or left buried in the ground as most sites that date more that a couple of millenia bc as in the case of Crete where the most important civilizanion of the Minyans which preceded the Minoans is kept in the dark. I think the main reason is that nodody wants to admit that Crete is in fact the cradle of nations, just to give you an idea of coastal cities that have never been eχcaveted thoroughly,and the 'nations ' who I believe originated from them Falasarna : Filistines , Zakros & Sisy :the first Persians & Kurds , Lavina :People of the Levante.
      There is plenty of proof that the Elamites : Phoenicians , Cananeans , Philistines originated from Crete and the general area , Cretan Linear A script is found all over even in the Americas , The Palekastro Minoan Eclipse calculator precedes the Mechanism of Antikythera by at least one millenium etc.The copper of the museum of Heraclion was mined in Lake Superior Canada , even the word 'mine" come from the Minyans & Minoans , there is so much proof but people insist of talking about alliens , lost civilizations , people of the sea , etc. So i think Columbia 'space' shuttle had some special equipment on board to scan the island and more specifically the Koutsouras south Crete area , also some talk about Israeli jets and equipment in the island about the same period.
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      minoanin reply tominoan(Show commentHide comment)
      almost forgot that the Hetteans also originated from Crete , from the Heteocretans , Minoan cities also in Pentapotamia
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