08:32 GMT17 April 2021
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    About 1,000 protesters participated on Saturday in a demonstration against NATO bases and major infrastructure projects of the local authorities, such as construction of a motorway and a railway for high-speed trains, in the city of Vicenza, located in northeastern Italy.

    VICENZA (Sputnik) — According to RIA Novosti correspondent, the march was headed by No Dal Molin Movement, opposing US airbase located in the north of the city. The protesters carried a huge banner, saying "Protection of land for the future without military bases."

    "Until the people do not mobilize, until they put pressure on the government to expel the US military from our territory, politicians will do nothing as they are not interested in it. Politicians should be forced to give us an answer, and now they do not want to do this at the moment," one of the march's organizers Francesco Pavin told RIA Novosti.

    The demonstration was sanctioned by local authorities and was accompanied by a police escort.

    There is a total of four NATO bases in the Vicenza area.

    During his presidential campaign, US President Donald Trump repeatedly stated that the United States should decrease the support of other NATO member states and protect only those members of the alliance, who "fulfill their obligations" in respect to Washington.


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