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    A girl with Russian national flags painted on her cheeks takes part in celebrations marking the one-year anniversary of Crimea voting to leave Ukraine, in central Simferopol March 16, 2015.

    Tillerson: US Should Have Given Ukraine Weapons, Provided Air Surveillance

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    Washington should have helped Kiev in a military response when Crimeans voted to rejoin with Russia, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson said.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The United States should have assisted Ukraine in a military response when the disagreement over Crimea rejoining Russia began, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson said in his confirmation hearing at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

    "I would have recommended that the Ukraine take all of its military assets it had available, put them on that eastern border, provide those assets with defensive weapons that are necessary just to defend themselves," Tillerson stated.

    Tillerson noted he would have also announced that the United States was going to "provide them intelligence and that there either NATO or United States will provide air surveillance over that border to monitor any movements."

    Russia has no legal rights to Crimea, Tillerson said.

    "No, sir, that was a taking of territory that was not theirs," Tillerson stated when asked if he believed Russia had a legal claim to Crimea after the latter rejoined the former via popular referendum in March 2014.

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      what game is this rex tyrex playing?
    • avatar
      Another azzclown , towing the warpigs line . Sad day for humanity
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      about time texas return and al other territories .... hear ex Potus says places are available in kenya .. perhaps you ought to go !
    • avatar
      Tillerson spouting crap because he knows the numbers are stacked against him and he's out!
      or last ditch effort to crawl in.
      He must think Russia will let him re-aggro Ukraine position and want joint projects for Exxon restarted what a clown obviously had plans (obama) for exploration on known fields on or around Crimea to compensate for loss of Russian projects aborted by bats Obama.

      Those comments essentially tell us foreign policy wont change so...its back to digging the bomb shelter as for Americans leave the country whilst you can its doomed.
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      Can serial killer stop even if Trump wants it to stop?
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      The us has no legal rights to the whole of what is now called the usa
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      Tillrson sounds like mcain, nuland, carter and all the other morons from pentagon and NATO. Doesn't look like a change to the postive.
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      Crimea belongs to Russia way more than Texas and California belong to the us . The united states of hypocrisy and lies and murder
    • siberianhusky
      Looks like that the Donald's protégé is in favour of regime changes and false flag operations. More regime changes and false flags on the horizon' from America?

      The Donald is of to a good start with guys like him. NOT.
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      Johnny Canuck
      Tillerson is either liar or doesn't know diddly-squat. I think it is the former. I would suggest headdress the issue of sexual abuses that have gone on in the Boy Scouts, which he was head of and still has influence on, before he tackles such things as Foreign Policy, something that is way over his head, obviously.
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      Tilerson: US should have given Ukraine weapons.??? What is Ukraine??? It's a country where a minority (10 to 20 % of population) are fascists. The US used them fascists to abolish legal Ukrainian government and set them up as a hostile to Russia but obedient to US puppet. and this is who Tillerson wants to give weapons to so they can continue killing civilians in east Ukraine who rebeled against fascists installed in Kiev by the US ???. And Tillerson was picked by Trump and Trump says he wants friendly relationship with Russia? Is trump f....ing kidding? I was worried the US fascist will blow Trump away, now I see he acts and talks like one of them. Why is Russia even acknowledging Trump exists and talk to him ?
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