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    Sweden Claims Sputnik to Influence Elections, Presents Evidence-Free Report

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    For decades, Russia has been the convenient boogeyman Western politicians use every time there is a slim chance something will go "wrong." Sweden has recently joined the US-conducted chorus of nations which claim the Russian media could influence the fate of elections in other countries.

    Amid the ongoing hysteria around Moscow's alleged tampering with the outcome of the US election, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven warned that Russia could try and influence the Swedish election "as well."

    Löfven's anti-Russian rant came against the backdrop of a report by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), which claimed that Russia was using "fake news" and "propaganda" to influence Sweden's decision-making. Remarkably, a major chapter of the report, which was written to "prove" that Russia may influence Sweden's decision-making process and public opinion, deals with obviously outdated historical reality, such as the USSR's influence after World War II, which clearly indicates that its authors are stuck with a Cold War mentality.

    Upon closer examination, however, it turned out that the report, which, among other things, accused RT and Sputnik of spreading disinformation, in fact does not hold water. Much of the supposedly state-of-the-art report actually deals with the analysis of the short-lived Swedish language version of Sputnik, which was terminated almost a year ago, after having been launched only in April 2015. At present, Sputnik Sweden is unavailable for readers, so it remains unclear how it could influence Swedish voters.

    Besides portraying Sputnik in a highly unfavorable light as "highly inconsistent" and "pandering to pet-narratives," the report accused it of fabrications. However, it only listed Sputnik Sweden's coverage of the story on Malaysian civilian airliner MH17, which crashed in war-torn Donbass in July 2014 as an example thereof. The reason for this being that Sputnik Sweden reported that the aircraft was being followed by a Ukrainian military jet prior to the crash and claimed Ukraine was responsible since the crash had happened in Ukrainian airspace, which contradicted the mainstream media's narrative, which attributed guilt to a Russian surface-to-air missile.

    Another logical slip is that Sputnik Sweden allegedly "relied, with very few exceptions, on rewrites of already existing news stories from established media outlets," yet at the same time was concluded to "sow doubt about the Swedish political system" and "influence the political development in a direction favorable to the strategic interests of the Kremlin."

    Widar Nord, the editor-in-chief of news outlet Fria Tider, which was identified in the report as a spreader of "Russian propaganda" simply for having referred to Sputnik Sweden, is skeptical about the report.

    "UI is the Swedish Armed Forces' informal press department and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it's hardly surprising that a body that habitually fences off half of the Stockholm Archipelago to hunt non-existent Russian submarines also produces reports on Russian psy-ops that don't exist either," Widar Nord told Swedish news outlet Nyheter Idag.

    Ironically, the very same report that accused Sputnik also targeted Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter for "spreading Russian disinformation." These are two of Sweden's largest newspapers, and have a generic liberal-left disposition and publish pronounced anti-Kremlin rhetoric. In 2014, Aftonbladet's cultural section published over 30 articles on developments in the former USSR, including the rise of fascism in Ukraine and Crimea's re-unification with Russia, as well as voicing criticism of former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, the EU and NATO. Apparently, this was enough to constitute "Russian propaganda."


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      Sweden a bizarre side show in the Big Top Circus the problem is it was never invaded and the gene pool has turned queer.
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      More migrants needed in Sweden ... may rize the IQ level !
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      ViTranin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, More Migrants would help .... IQ would go up !
    • sapper
      It could solve Swedens' problems if Sweden is relocated to the US along with Israel!!!
    • avatar
      In Sweden we have two papers that are regarded as jokes by most people, Aftonbladet and Expressen. They mostly write about gossip and sports. Sadly, these are also the only two newspapers that ever write anything really good. Yesterday Expressen had an article citing the New York review of books, and laid out that Sweden has been on the frontline of cyber spying against Russia, in cooperation with the NSA. They wrote that Sweden likely was much worse than Russia in this regard.

      The articles header: "Sverige spionerar på Ryssland – med USA"

      The more respected Swedish newspapers, SVD, DN and the largest local papers never ever write anything unbiased, only warmongering propaganda about Russia. This is both strange and very sad.
    • FlorianGeyer
      Swedish people are often very boring anyway. As always European MSM is behind America by a few weeks. The 'Russians are Coming ' meme is increasingly being ridiculed in the USA now and the hapless 'Intelligence ' :) agencies are looking like petulant children.

      The more attention the morons in the EU Governments seek to bring to their imagined enemies , the greater the laughter and despair that all the inquisitive and enlightened people have.

      The greatest threats to fear mongering by the out of touch, out of reality and soon to be out of office Liberal Elite in the EU are knowledge and laughter. :) :) :)
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      vargenin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, You Germans seem to think so dont you? But you do like to spend your summers here and buy up all the country property you can get. You should know what the Swedes think about you...
    • avatar
      Marques rougesin reply toanton(Show commentHide comment)
      antonanton, anton, This makes sense, in the west the only way to reach some higher social status is to comply to the strictest politically correct mumbo jumbo, and to join the free-masonic networks (call them as you like, they are not always formal maybe some "friendly" call and advice could suffice to make an author change his advice). Any editor in chief of a "respected" publication is most likely member of this kind of circles.

      And at the head of these networks are the people you are not allowed to mention, with special laws "just for themselves" prohibiting any critic of them as a group... I already had 3 messages deleted on Sputniknews for mentioning these people with funny names ! (Another message was deleted for saying that people who support terrorism should be eliminated "call to violence"...)

      And it's the same in the western media, the only way to have some freedom of expression is to live in the USA, or post on foreign media from a country that has no judicial cooperation with the country where the website is hosted, and even this is changing.

      In these both cases, the "people you can't talk about" can easily track you down with your IP as their groups of defense have direct lines with the police, and are free to use crime to have you silenced, as they are protected against any legal consequences through their influence on these aforementioned networks, who control our governments, justice, media, and much more.

      It may sound paranoiac, but it's the explanation why there is no "respected" opposition in the west.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply tovargen(Show commentHide comment)
      vargen, I am not German. Most of them are as brainwashed as your compatriots. Just open your eyes to the problems that Muslim immigration has bought to your country. This flood of alien people is caused by the Neo Liberal policies of YOUR governments. So enjoy the nicer parts of Sweden while you can. It will soon be 'enriched' beyond recognition.

    • NATOisEVIL
      Nothing coming from the liberal globalists in Sweden should be taken serious.
    • NATOisEVILin reply tovargen(Show commentHide comment)
      vargen, Norwegians too.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toMarques rouges(Show commentHide comment)
      Marques rouges,

      I agree with all that you say. However , the fact that 'those we cannot talk about' are very fearful , is demonstrated by their current hysteria and censorship. Those of us who have opened our minds to reality can see the ugliness of those we must not name. They are now on trial in the court of World Opinion and the Jury is no longer fixed.

      We can see what the Elite seek to do in our names and more and more of us are saying NO.
    • avatar
      They are just obeying the orders of their US neocons to amplify the anti-Trump propaganda in the hope of damaging Russia.
      They are only damaging themselves: not all Swedes are this gullible...
    • avatar
      Marques rougesin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, I'm not that optimist. Their fear, hysteria and censorship has always been part of their game and wicked mind ! Fear is a way to keep their own people together and in a fighting mood, and hysteria and censorship part of the techniques they use to trump other people...

      Are they offering something in exchange for the evil they caused in Iraq or Syria ? Are they presenting excuses to Russia for all their libel and lies ?

      They don't ! Hey, even I should get MILLIONS to compensate for all the evil they have done against me ! And I'm not joking.
    • danielmartin516
      ISIS and Jaish- Al islam promised the Swedes, that if the Russians attack this little peaceful country, they will activate all of their assets that are currently in the country, seeking asylum. And that they ( ISIS and Daesh) will provide new modern American weapons like the TOW anti tank missiles and Stingers MANPDS to the Swedes.
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