08:00 GMT +330 March 2017
    Aftermath of Debaltseve shelling in Donetsk Region

    Ukrainian Conflict to 'Escalate Until Trump's Inauguration'

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    Tensions in Donbass will build up until US President-elect Donald Trump and his team come to power, Vadim Kolesnichenko, President of the International Council of the Russian Compatriots, told Radio Sputnik.

    "In general, the Minsk agreements have died on the vine. Clashes take place each day. Ukraine's Armed Forces shell the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic each day. It is safe to assume that the conflict will escalate until the new administration moves into the White House," he said.

    Kolesnichenko pointed out that the Trump team is unlikely to adhere to Barack Obama's policy with regard to Ukraine.

    "It has become clear for Ukrainian leadership that Trump's stance is relatively different and that Europe has become tired of the Ukrainian issue. This is like a knife into the heart for Kiev," he said.

    Kolesnichenko further commented on the news that foreign advisors arrived to train the Ukraine's Armed Forces, saying that they should be taken seriously.

    "Foreign advisors do not represent official armed forces. This is a so-called 'army of retired servicemen.' These are mercenaries who work for money, but they should not be underestimated. These are highly-skilled experts, 'wild geese,' as they were once called. They fulfil their tasks. This is why they are dangerous. They are capable of carrying out sabotage attacks, a frequent site Donbass lately," he said.

    The analyst suggested that Kiev will fail to spark a large-scale combat.

    "I don't think that Kiev will be able to drag Russia, Donetsk People's Republic or the Luhansk People's Republic into a major armed conflict since Ukraine's Armed Forces are in fact in a state of utter demoralization. No one wants to fight. However when an aggressive animal is dying, it is capable of inflicting massive damage. Ukraine's Armed Forces are dangerous; they are afraid of themselves," he said.

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      "We have met the enemy,. and it is us." Petro has been a bully even before the Maidan affair. He WILL be brought down and it will be western Ukraine that does it. Poland had drown the ire of the EU and will not be a "first responder" even if they want to. Belarus will, ultimately, be the peacemaker because they can and they want peace, finally, to come to Donbass without Russia's direct intervention. Then Petro can get back to impersonating Willie Wonka.
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      On the 17 January 2017, over in Davos, Pinchuk is holding a lunch, on Ukraine, but Poroshenko has not been invited. His team has realised that the EU is not to be trusted and there is nothing for Ukraine with the EU. He also wants to get Russian Ukraine relations back on track (her thinks kerching, kerchang). If this was to happen, then Porkie and his far right friends, will have a hissy fit, knowing The Hague and War Crimes, is there next stop. Good luck Eastern Ukraine and hopefully, peace will shortly follow.
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      mercenaries are being called back saw a heap of them in Perth over the weekend having some R&R before heading home.
      Porky needs to back pedal at a million miles a hour if there's a peanut left in his head?
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