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    Stockholm, Sweden

    Fake Threats Lead to Real Military Budget Hikes in Sweden

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    Of late, US hawks have been trying to convince the world that Russia tampered with the US presidential election using cyberattacks. In Sweden, where Russophobia has become part and parcel of the political parlance, this message has struck a note of sympathy.

    During the annual national conference People and Defense, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven painted a morbid picture of an increasingly dark security situation in the world, highlighting nuclear threats, cyber threats and military threats, venturing that the upcoming Swedish election may be exposed to the same unsolicited influence that the US had allegedly experienced last fall. Although Löfven did not mention Russia specifically, the message was rendered crystal clear by allusions to the US election, where Hillary Clinton's painful loss is still being attributed to Russian "interference."

    Stefan Löfven, who previously voiced his total support for Hillary Clinton, stated that the American election campaign was obviously influenced by data theft and fake news.

    "There is nothing that guarantees that the future Swedish elections will be protected accordingly," Löfven said, as quoted by Finnish daily Hufvudstadsbladet. According to Löfven, there is the same risk for France and Germany.

    At a subsequent press conference, Stefan Löfven was asked how Sweden would react if Russia tried to influence the outcome of the Swedish election. It seems that the Swedish public has taken fancy of the idea of seeing "Moscow's hand" every time things are not going the expected way.

    This delusion is reinstated through competent bodies. In a recent report by Sweden's National Defense Radio Establishment (FRA), Russia was identified as the main culprit behind the disinformation campaign and the dissemination of fake news. According to FRA, "foreign powers" performed over 100,000 cyberattacks against Sweden last year alone, Swedish national broadcaster SVT reported.

    According to Stefan Löfven, Sweden needs a "digital rearmament" to reduce vulnerability and raise the awareness of misinformation. Information security is therefore only a part of the national security strategy Löfven and the Swedish government announced on Sunday.

    Even though Löfven summarized the Russian development as "provocation," "disinformation" and "military aggression," he acknowledged the need for a closer dialogue to reduce tensions.

    "It's unwise to first increase tensions and then seek enhanced protection in the form of a NATO membership. It is best to ensure that the tension does not increase at all," Löfven said, as quoted by Swedish Radio.

    After decades of disarmament, Swedish politicians have now made a U-turn and re-assessed developments abroad. Both left-wing and right-wing parties agreed that the security situation has deteriorated. Today, the discussion is instead focused on how much extra funding should be allocated to the Swedish defense.

    The recent "wish list" by the Swedish Armed Forces alone is estimated at 400 billion SEK (over $44bln), Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter reported in December.


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      Of course. BUT Russia doesn't make them pay a price. HURT interest. That's why they so CONFIDENT.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      The Swedish govt is slick in prepping its people into believing that the trump/ Hillary elections were hacked in favor of trump. The reason why they are setting this stage is fairly simple. In the upcoming elections for Sweden , France or Germany or even Italy if the socialist liberals loose the elections they can blame Russia and delegitimize the election. It will give the impression that the liberal socialist left would have won if it were not for Russian cyber attacks on the election. The same false narrative would be the same for other European countries who would loose to the left. What it all comes down to is the fact that the left has twisted political views that is not the views of many of its citizens. but the left will give the impression through their countries fake news main stream media that the majority of the public has socialist sick progressive views. Hopefully the European people will not buy into the Russian hacking propaganda........ The trump supporters were not fooled into the fake news narrative throughout the elections...... They stayed focus and looked at the main stream media as a joke in society. 70 % of the US population does not trust main stream media.
    • support
      I am wondering if Sweden is trying to "power through" its current economic woes generated by the social system requirements of the immigrant hordes by creating military production jobs. It is an economic strategy which has served both the USA and the Russian Federation well now and in the past in removing the peaks and troughs of cyclical governmental finance performance.

      One could make a case for that unspoken agenda being also a part of Poland's economic strategy and for the rest of the EU as well.

      Handing out huge if unnecessary military production contracts is also a legal way for existing regimes facing upcoming elections to buy votes in advance of the elections.

      Another issue not publicly talked about is the now ever-present fear of attempted coups and expanded terrorist operations within all of Europe itself in th eform of a gigantic flash mob of terrorist activity simultaneously. That threat is real. By the same token it is unspoken but taken for granted IMO that when th echips are down, as during WW2, Russia will be an ally to fight alongside rather than against if such Islamic terror activity on a megascale takes place.
    • avatar
      Sweden is so screwed. It was picked to be the vanguard state of the globalist plan in Europe, and it's where the civil wars will first erupt. Arson and car burnings are everyday occurrences now, and Malmö is a city practically lost to gangsterism. Yet the clueless (or perfidious) government still maintains that it's all good.
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      AND EVERYWHERE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Imagine how plentiful everything would be without the military industrial expenditure, the 5 billion funding for global warming, NASA, the private centralised banks like the FED and B. of England.
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