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    Russian MIGs with Serbian pilots painted on them

    Serbia May Paint Yugoslav Bombings' Victims on Russia's MiGs as a Hint to NATO

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    Serbia will receive six MiG-29 fighter jets, 30 T-72С tanks, and 30 BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance vehicles from Russia as part of a military and technical cooperation assistance program, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Thursday.

    "Russia donated six MiG-29 fighter jets, the first modernization stages of which would only cost us between 180 million euros [$187 million] and 230 million euros … That is incomparable with what we had before. We also received 30 T-72С tanks and 30 BRDM-2 [armored vehicles] as a gift," Vucic said in a statement.

    Meanwhile, members of Serbian Students for Truth (SfT) movement asked the defense ministry to have the names of Serbian nationals killed by the 1999 NATO bombings of Yugoslavia painted on the Russian MiGs.

    Russian MIGs with Serbian pilots painted on them
    Russian MIGs with Serbian pilots painted on them

    In an interview with Sputnik Serbia, SfT representative Ivan Ristic, said that the idea to “personalize” the planes was a good chance to bring back memories of Serbia’s fallen heroes.

    “This is the first time that we are getting fighter planes since 1987. After all necessary repairs, we will have our own fleet of fourth generation Russian fighters to protect our airspace and, if necessary, to defend Serbia and also the Bosnian Serb Republic against any aggression.”

    He added that now that Croatia has received a number of combat helicopters from the US, it was clear that it might want to use them against Bosnia and Serbia, which are the only two former Yugoslav republics still not in NATO.

    “That’s why the Russian planes give us a chance to shift the strategic balance of forces in the region in our favor,” Ivan Ristic emphasized.

    There were three Serbian Air Force Pilots and an estimated 270 Yugoslav Army personnel and police killed during 1999 NATO bombings of Federal Yugoslavia.

    Air Force pilot Milenko Pavlovic died on May 1999 in a dogfight with an entire squadron of NATO warplanes.

    Zoran Radosavljevic was killed on March26, just a day after his colleague, Zivota Djuric, was shot down following an air raid on arms depots used by Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists. To avoid being taken  prisoner, Zivota Djuric drove his damaged plane straight into the enemy positions.

    Ivan Ristic said that the names of all Serbian pilots who fell defending their country before and during the 1999 NATO attack will appear on the Russian MiGs.

    Russian MIGs with Serbian pilots painted on them
    Russian MIGs with Serbian pilots painted on them

    “One such hero, Milos Zunic, died defending Belgrade against the Axis countries during the so-called April War of 1941,” Ivan Ristic said.

    In an interview with Life News, the movement’s founding member Neven Djenadija spoke about the significance of Russia’s decision to hand the fighter jets over to Belgrade.

    “There is a certain symbolism in all this because the first warplane in the Serbian army was made in Russia, bought with money raised by the Serbian Orthodox Church and readers of the Petrograd newspaper Novoye Vremya (The New Times),” Djenadija said.

    He added that the idea to have the names of the heroic Serbian pilots, who died defending their country in 1999, emblazoned on the Russian warplanes came to him the moment he saw the Russian MiGs coming in.

    “The main reason why our pilots were killed was because their planes were not fit to fly. This is very sad episode, but a good lesson too, which taught us how best to defend our country,” he noted.

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      I am glad to see that NATO's crimes in Yugoslavia are remembered. Thank you, Sputnik.
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      kasivasanthain reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, When will those actors will be punished for war crimes and invasion against a soverign state
    • sapper
      Wonder why Bill and Hillary never take a vacation in Serbia???
    • Mikhas
      With Clinton and her gang out of the picture, future for the US imposed quisling cult in Belgrade and over 1.400 western/Soros funded NGO´s, heavily entrenched in the Serbian society, looks grim but good for Serbia.

      Serbs have been sleeping with their enemy in a Stockholm syndrome for so long that some even believe they were "baptised" into "democracy" by NATOs "humanitarian" bombs of depleted uranium.

      The awakening will stir up a lot of anger towards west and an urge to commemorate the victims of NATO, US imported jihadists and their local clients, who have done great during this period and of course also to commemorate and re-bury President Milosevic, killed by NATO doctors at the former Nazi interrogation centre in the Hague, now the infamous "ICTY".
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      that is a good thing, why other countries are ignoring these war crimes of NATO forces where ever they've been there is WAR and only WAR, they even don't think about anything else. and other countries are ignoring there WAR Crimes. why is that happening what is behind this politics. like what Happened in IRAQ, Syria, Yemen, Libya and many more... what they did in WWII in Vietnam.
    • American Socialist
      Great Idea .. now SFT has to kick out NATO puppets in their government.
      The world needs Serbia to join the Anti-Nato movement.
      Serbia was one of the O.Gs of this movement.
      Long Live Serbia.. . i hope America crashes and burns!
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      jasin reply tokasivasantha(Show commentHide comment)
      kasivasantha, Good question. I don't know the answer for anyone other than myself. It depends on who you ask.

      So my short answer to your question is that they are tormented for what they do during every second of their lives until they either change for good and die in peace and love, or they live in turmoil and die in eternal emptiness.

      My longer answer is that I try to see it from a New Testament perspective, evil or good. Other than what I see as obvious consequences of dying while unrepentant, I've never seen a person of evil be genuinely happy in this life. I've even had them ask me if I thought they were a bad person. It's eats at them constantly. But that doesn't make their destructive outcomes any more pleasant.
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      It would have been better for Serbia to obtain S300 and S400 and Pantsir air defence systems, as well as offensive weapons such as the Iskander missiles to ensure no one dare threaten Serbia again.
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