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    EU Should Slow Down Ukraine Discussions Amid Donbass Conflict

    Dashed Hopes: EU Wanted to 'Break Ukraine Away From Russia, Not Integrate It'

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    Kiev blames France for delaying the implementation of a visa-free policy for Ukrainian citizens. Sputnik discussed the issue with Xavier Moreau, a French military expert and a founding member of Stratpol, an independent think-tank based in Slovakia that focuses on international relations and security policy.

    “There are many countries in the EU that want the visa regime to stay. They fear that lifting the visa regime could lead to an influx of migrants, including many young Ukrainians who are dodging the draft at home. France doesn’t want this, neither do many other [EU] countries,” he said.

    Xavier Moreau recalled the recent vote in the Netherlands against Ukraine’s proposed association with the European Union and said that Poland and many other EU countries did not wish to see Ukrainian migrants coming in.

    “We know perfectly well that with the visas gone the Ukrainians will not go to Romania, they will go to Germany and France and this will certainly create a lot of problems for these two countries if they agree to let them in,” he emphasized.

    When asked about the EU’s apparent reluctance to become too chummy with Ukraine and Georgia, Xavier Moreau quoted [European Commission President] Jean-Claude Juncker as saying that the EU will not accept any new members in the next five years.

    “The EU is no longer able to take in people, let alone new members. Only eight of the 27 EU countries are now paying [for the intake of migrants and new members] and they have no money left to accept anyone else.”

    “The EU was used to make these poor Ukrainians believe that this was opening grand prospects for them. In fact, the idea was to break Ukraine away from Russia, not to integrate it into the EU. The offer of EU association made them during the Maidan [coup] made no mention of any such thing. Neither did it offer them visa-free travel to the EU. What EU diplomats promised was a lie,” Xavier Moreau said in conclusion.

    On December 15, the European Parliament approved a mechanism that would allow for the suspension of visa-free regimes with Ukraine and Georgia, removing the last obstacle to the implementation of the policy.

    However, the consideration of this issue by the European Parliament has been postponed for an indefinite period of time.

    The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, earlier said that France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and some other EU countries were not ready to go ahead with visa liberalization for Ukrainian citizens.

    Ukraine and Georgia are seeking greater integration with the West, but have been frustrated with the pace of EU moves to bring them closer.

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    • basho
      "EU will not accept any new members in the next five years."

      optomistic, aren't you? in 5yrs there won't be an EU.
    • avatar
      Ukraine will be going back to Russia.
      All Kiev terrorists will be dead.
    • Zoanthropy
      Germany still the largest trouble maker in Europe & their Belgium henchmen.

      Gas Gas Gas is the EU motive.
    • Mikhas
      The EU is collapsing and so is the futile hopes of the Nazi junta and it´s supporters in the ukraine and the US that put them in power is no more. The ukraine that never was anyway, will indeed go back to were it belong, and suddenly the Nazis will go up in smoke.
    • Zoanthropyin reply toMikhas(Show commentHide comment)
      Mikhas, fingers crossed.
    • choticastile
      Hope ordinary Ukies rescue their future from the imbeciles bent on destroying the brilliant future, they'd undoubtedly have with the Russian Federation. But the real genuine Ukrainians will have to take to the street en-masse to achieve this ... that is in my humble opinion... Hope they do just that!
    • choticastilein reply toZoanthropy(Show commentHide comment)
      Zoanthropy, And even more fingers crossed! May all have a New Year that although it may start off rough, soon turns into a happy one!
    • avatar
      napravobgin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, I think that you don't recognise that many in Banderastan have been taught from school to Uni, that Bandera was a hero. Some in Novorossiya also believe this, and the predominant feeling is against Putin for his ;invasions' and Russia for preventing their access to the EU 'land of wealth, vastly increased salaries and easy jobs'.. They believed in the illusion, and believe Russia denied them access to it.
    • avatar
      anne00mariein reply tobasho(Show commentHide comment)
      basho, Fingers crossed and even nicer if we end 2017 minus the EU.
    • Zoanthropy
      Get rid of this ridiculous EU flag.
    • avatar
      European Neighborhood Policy aims to create a periphery of dependent non-member states at whatever the cost to these states.
    • avatar
      This is what happens when these countries throw in their allegiance with the likes of the hegemonic U.S. and bow to their every whim, like the regime of sanctions against Russia over absolutely NOTHING, and allowing millions of REFUGEES, not migrants, to flood their countries because of the wars started in the Middle East. Had they introduced their OWN foreign policies instead of robo-signing every move Washington has come up with, then MAYBE the EU wouldn't be in this mess!
    • avatar
      Thy, immigrants from Ukraine, will be immense popular by the common European men. The biggest pro is normal behavior. No moaning of the religion inspired. Helped by terror again the unarmed unbelievers. A bit of NAZI inspired youth is refreshing. Away from all men acting like mother Theresa. Good have crossed many lines in Europe. Included the insane and mad.
    • Jammy
      Once in the EU you cannot get out because the doors are locked and you can ask anyone who voted for a Brxit if that is true but unlike UKIP leader Farage who head for the door when we won the vote none of us knew it was locked because Nigel helped to lock it.

      Next time i will be voting BNP because UKIP has not delivered the goods and 12% of the population only got one seat out of 650 seats in the election so something is broken and i say it's UKIP and it's old leader myself.
    • Jammyin reply toquestfortruth(Show commentHide comment)
      questfortruth, Europe like Japan is still under US occupation left over from WWII and unless we remove the puppets by force then nothing will change and legitimate parties like "Le Pen" are even being blocked from holding bank accounts so the rules need to be changed and that will only happen in a fix system if force is used.
    • avatar
      Marques rougesin reply toMikhas(Show commentHide comment)
      Mikhas, "Nazi junta" ? are you talking about the 90% kosher mafia in Kiev ?
    • choticastilein reply tonapravobg(Show commentHide comment)
      napravobg, The unfortunate matter here-- is that the Ukraine was virtually a lamb to the slaughter -- exploited by not only the US bankster gangster, war monger thugs, but also the EU, who made the Ukraine believe it could join the EU ... As for the Banderastan lot, I personally think their brand of neo-Nazism is not going to be tolerated in Europe and who knows, Europe may still call on Russia to come route them out finally? I think many changes will come about this year. People are up to the eyebrows with puppet leaders bowing and scraping to a Zio infested Washington. Let's see what Trump does-- I think the trouble in Europe has always been that the scars left by WWII, have never healed-- continued festering--- One can only hope and pray that the world is moving into a new dawn of cooperation, but I think we're going to see plenty upheaval before it finally happens. I can only wish you and yours, a blessed New Year wherever you find yourself ...
    • avatar
      Thanks for the New Year greetings.. I return them. My wife is from Lugansk, and I have heard each of her family justify the neonazis at one time or another. One says Bandera was a 'Ukrainski hero' another that he was a 'patriot' (they call PraviSektor 'patriots' as well and say Odessa massacre was a football fan war) It is hard to describe how brainlessly and culpably ignorant such people are. (and anyone can find out the truth of the massacres if they want)
      They are so used to 'Russian subsidy' habits, like wasting hot water, and heating that they have no clue, and are in denial about it. The penny doesn't ever drop that we in Europe are poor in relative terms. (they must think I love wearing a jumper and a puffa jacket in the house while they are in t-shirts) They will always feel that they have been cheated of a better life by Russia, and nothing will change that idea or remove the resentment..
      135th out of 168 in the honesty index of nations... I wonder why? They even lie to themselves, and will never ever agree that Ukraine needs to be denazified after how many generations of kids held on their parent's shoulders on torchlit marches, shouting 'Kill the Moskals' and 'Moskals on Knives' ?? ... Ukraine is the seriously dishonest pits, and just getting worse.
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