08:39 GMT09 April 2020
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    A Greek eco-anarchy group has forced a recall of several supermarket goods by threatening contamination with chlorine and hydrochloric acid. Greek authorities have labeled this a terrorist action.

    The group, which calls themselves the FAI/IRF, issued threats against beverage titan Coca-Cola, food giant Nestle, consumer goods multinational Unilever, and Greek food conglomerate Vivartia. "We have appropriated products from the main supermarket chains in the greater Athens area… the products have been poisoned with chlorine and hydrochloric acid," according to their statement.

    FAI/IRF, calling their eco-terrorist act "Project Green Nemesis," threatened to place contaminated products, including salad dressings, tomato sauces, soft drinks, and milk on store shelves between December 22 and January 5, in attempts to force the products to be recalled from Athens and the surrounding region.

    The four companies recalled the named goods from supermarkets in what was termed a "preventative measure." Greece’s Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (EKAM) is investigating the threats, and Greek authorities informed a food safety watchdog group.

    This is the second consumer-goods recall threat from the FAI/IRF group. In late 2013 they issued a similar demand against Coca-Cola and Nestle. A statement from FAI/IRF on the anarchist website 325 Nostate justified targeting of the companies by stating, "In China [Coca-Cola] cooperates with the regime and makes profit out of forced labor using prisoners that are forced to work inside prison. Moreover, it is one the 12 most polluting companies in the country as far as the environment and the aquifer are concerned."

    Other statements by the group included, "NESTLE… is held responsible for the death of 1.5 million children in the Third World every year, due to its commercial manipulations and moves."

    During the 2013 threats, FAI/IRF released USBs to the press demonstrating how they could tamper with a bottle of Coca Cola without breaking the seal. "We ask everyone to completely avoid these products so as not to create any danger for his/her health. Our goal is economic sabotage, not the poisoning of any unsuspected person," they said.


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