22:41 GMT16 May 2021
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    Germany should start focusing on the radical Islam, which is the main root of Islamo-criticism, instead of fighting the sentiment itself, the spokesman for the Berlin branch of Alternative for Germany (AfD), Ronald Glaser, told Sputnik.

    BELGRADE, December 16 (Sputnik) — Germany should start focusing on the radical Islam, which is the main root of Islamo-criticism, instead of fighting the sentiment itself, the spokesman for the Berlin branch of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Ronald Glaser, told Sputnik Friday.

    “Two days ago I joined a meeting of Berlin's… local secret state police. Their new focus is on Islamo-critics or Islamophobes, as they call them. No one was talking about radical Islam, which is of course the main reason for growing anger of these Islamo-critics. But our government agencies are [so] obsessed by their dream of a multicultural world that they won't do what's necessary,” Glaser said.

    On Monday, German media reported that Berlin’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the domestic security and counter-terrorist service (BfV) accused several Gulf states of funding religious groups in Germany, as well as of financing the building of mosques and supporting radical Muslim religious leaders.

    “Take a close look at these organizations [suspected by the security services]. Stop foreign funding for religious institutions,” Glaser advised.

    The organizations in questions are the Kuwait-based Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS), Qatari Shaykh Eid Charity Foundation and the Muslim World League from Saudi Arabia. RIHS, an NGO banned in Russia and the United States for alleged ties to al-Qaeda, and the Sheikh Eid association have denied the allegations. Saudi ambassador to Germany Awwas Alawwad also said that the kingdom has "no connection with German Salafism" and does not export ministers or build mosques.

    The most recent German security services’ report evaluates the number of people in the Salafists movement, deemed extremist, as almost 10,000.


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