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    Google’s Lunar X-Prize: Scientists To Prove Apollo 17 Wasn’t A Conspiracy

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    One of the finalists for Google’s Lunar X-Prize, German-based Part-Time Scientists, is poised to launch a robot to the moon to visit the landing site of Apollo 17.

    Part-Time Scientists will send probes to the lunar landing site of Apollo 17, intending to capture photos of the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle. The group hopes that their space vehicle will inspect the site remotely after landing two or three miles away, Gizmodo UK reports.

    "If we succeed, we will have done something that previously only governments have been able to do. We want our mission to inspire others to follow their dreams," Robert Böhme, team leader at Part-Time Scientists, said in an interview with Space Watch Middle East.

    Of $30 million made available in grants from Google, Part-Time Scientists won $750,000, according to the Google Lunar X-Prize organization. Böhme claimed on the organization’s website that his company is not motivated by prize money. 


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    • C Han
      ...and what if they find irradiated bodies near the roving vehicle? will they be able to display that information too? or will they be labelled as 'terrorist' if they do?
    • avatar
      750k will be just enough to prepare everything in a film studio...
    • avatar
      visit a landing site to prove that it occurred????
    • Mikhas
      Years and years of fiascoes, burn ups on the ground and a total waste of money while Russians stunned the world up there and suddenly a man on the "moon" live broadcasted around the world just like 9/11? Hollywood is indeed a dream factory but There is a Russian probe mission scheduled to land at that alledged spot. Then we will see....
    • avatar
      No need to send a probe to moon prove anything. Just ask the Soviets/Russians whether Americans really landed on the moon because they tracked Apollo17 all the way. Soviets were the first to land an unmanned probe on moon even before the Americans-read wikipedia. If Americans had landed on the moon, Soviets would have done the same because they would want to know what the Americans were upto on the moon because Americans claim total of 12 people had landed on the moon. If that was the case, they would have colonized and would have claimed that the moon belongs to them. It was all b@llsh@t. Soviets just kept quiet even when Americans were lying. On the hand, Soviets called Neil Armstrong called to Soviet Union to witness the first woman cosmonaut in the space and was indirectly telling Armstrong and the Americans that Soviets do not tell story but prove it with action that they have done it. Afterall they were first to sent a satellite, First rocket in the space. First man in the space. First woman in the space, First space walk and even sent the first probe to mars. Read wikipedia. Only Americans can do is to brain wash the world with their hollywood movies. The fact is that Neil Armstrong avoided the media and refrain from talking landing on the moon. One of the episode of American's "Pawn Stars" show, a woman came to pawn her father's cigaratte lighter and related a story. The lighter was a gate pass for a special project. Where a group of media people were tasked to create fictional facts that America was already having Nuclear weapons when they did not. It was 30 years later Americans could master the nuclear weapon technology.
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      chrrevin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, it didn't, and finding a rover won't prove anything at all.
    • avatar
      they will have a flag raise and dummy footprint to stamp around on the ground then take pics of how it is all true ..that is of course if they are able to do it
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