18:33 GMT22 September 2020
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    One of the finalists for Google’s Lunar X-Prize, German-based Part-Time Scientists, is poised to launch a robot to the moon to visit the landing site of Apollo 17.

    Part-Time Scientists will send probes to the lunar landing site of Apollo 17, intending to capture photos of the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle. The group hopes that their space vehicle will inspect the site remotely after landing two or three miles away, Gizmodo UK reports.

    "If we succeed, we will have done something that previously only governments have been able to do. We want our mission to inspire others to follow their dreams," Robert Böhme, team leader at Part-Time Scientists, said in an interview with Space Watch Middle East.

    Of $30 million made available in grants from Google, Part-Time Scientists won $750,000, according to the Google Lunar X-Prize organization. Böhme claimed on the organization’s website that his company is not motivated by prize money. 


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