16:03 GMT +326 March 2017
    Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a news conference during a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium, October 21, 2016.

    German Chancellor 'Merkel is Responsible' for Rise of Euroscepticism in EU

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    Euroscepticism is becoming increasingly popular in Europe as the EU authorities fail to meet people’s expectations and solve their problems, experts told Sputnik, commenting on a recent poll that showed the idea of Brexit-like referendums is gaining popularity across the European Union.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – According to the IFop’s poll prepared for Sputnik, the number of people who would support such a referendum has increased by 7 percent in Italy since July and now stands at 53 percent. The number of supporters of a vote on EU membership has also increased in Spain and Poland by 5 percent, to 39 percent and 38 percent, respectively.

    "The Euroscepticism is rising in EU countries as citizens of these countries are making sure every day that EU leaders are not competent, solving whichever problems except those of ordinary people," Spanish political analyst Enric Ravello Barber told Sputnik.

    He said that the best example of the problem is the EU policy of accepting migrants and refugees despite people’s wish to keep the borders closed.

    "In this context there is an illustrative example of Hungary. The referendum on refugees made people’s position on the policy of open borders clear. This factor played a crucial role in the outcome of the referendum on UK leaving [the European Union]," Barber said.

    He added that the idea of the European Union was good as only being together the European countries can be a real power like the United States and Russia.

    "Another question is that it must be a real union, not a dictate of some states … I am speaking here about Germany and its leader Angela Merkel, who from my point of view is responsible for the rise of the number of eurosceptics," Barber added.

    Another Spanish political analyst Argelio Garcia echoed Barber's statement that the EU bureaucrats were not solving problems of ordinary people.

    "I am not surprised by the rise of Euroscepticism in EU countries especially in countries such as Italy and Spain. Deteriorating economic situation in these states is, from my point of view, the main reason. The policy of austerity promoted by Brussels is damaging prosperity of ordinary people, who are lacking money," he said, adding that at the same time large corporations and banks are thriving.

    From his point of view European media turned into tools of propaganda.

    "Along with economic problems, attacks on freedoms in EU are being intensified … Every alternative point of view is immediately condemned," Garcia said adding that the EU resolution aimed at counteracting Russian media is a natural result of the EU policy.

    He added that the anti-Russian policy of the European Union also contributed to the rise of euroscepticism as many businesses, especially those in the agricultural sphere, suffered significant losses after losing access to the Russian market.


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      Andrew J
      Merkel the evil traitor must go.
      She is unfortunately an unqualified failure.
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      In my opinion the EU is just a proxy for corporate control of Europe. Its demise is the best thing that could happen for the region.
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      I think that the way she looks truly represents what she is, VERY UGLY!!!
    • Adrienne Adonis
      She is a complete failure. She will be known in her legacy as the EU chancellor of Germany who ruined everything. She really accomplished nothing ........ But she did ruin German people's and European lives by allowing migrants in Europe who ultimately raped innocent women , she also allowed European welfare systems to collapse due to supporting migrants who wanted a free European ride, she had the police stand down and not help their fellow Europeans in trouble when migrants were involved, she allowed migrants to throw Europeans out of their own homes and do nothing about it.,
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      ntahedasin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis,
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      ntahedasin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis,
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      ntahedasin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis, It is not the first time I say what I go say here: 'Every country (whatever its size) has the leaders it deserves.' Now why should Germany be an exception ? Just because it an west European country and not an African one ?
    • Adrienne Adonisin reply tontahedas(Show commentHide comment)
      ntahedas, Germany does not deserve Merkel...... She is allowing migrants in from Africa who ( as expected ) have no respect for the German society ...... They come in raping ( as expected ) the German women as if it's ok to do.... They also come for one reason to Germany and other European countries and that is to live off the free welfare system ...... So Merkel knew of the mass rapings and did nothing about it and had the police do nothing about it. So these raping migrants have become a problem to German society. Why don't you tell me where in Europe , in which country does the African American society thrive in business and live in nice crime free neighborhoods that can be used as a model for the rest of Europe to follow ? Let me know if a place like this exist in the world.
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      ntahedasin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis, you put lot of questions at once, so that you make it (voluntarily or not) impossible to answer you properly. Let me anyways say but the following:
      1) you target refugees coming from African as being the only rapers in Germany. Why do you (voluntarily certainly) forget those coming from Middle East ? Rapers are rapers just as wrongdoers are wrongdoers whatever the color of their skin. You are not obliged to believe me...
      2) Why don't you try to understand that if black Africans are fleing their mother Africa it is MAINLY because western Europe has prioritised for decades at least (and will cetainly continue) to sabotage any state worth living for human beings, by encouraging permanent political crises mostly in Black Africa ? Death and even genocides (encouraged by West Europe) in Black Africa are facts European governments just frown upon ! Oh yes ! these governments feign to sympathise with the unhappy black Africans. But, beleive me or don't we are not all dummies as they wish us to be. For only dummies still get caught out of guard by their cowardice and their hypocrisy.
      Now let me stop here by telling you this: If Western Governments do not wish such bad things to happen then they should at the very least discourage death and all misfortune black Africa is engulfed in. Democracy, Human Rights ans so on... No, Adrienne Adonis. All that wording is stinky breath of hypocrisy and nothing than hypocrisy. I do not ask you to believe me. The facts refuse to contradict me and that is all what is important.
    • Adrienne Adonisin reply tontahedas(Show commentHide comment)
      ntahedas, I am glad you reminded me the middle eastern migrants are raping in the countries they are invading as well. Thank you for reminding me of this. You can not use western countries as an excuse as to why your country is still living in the Stone Age. Every other country throughout the world has modernized themselves and has advanced their countries through the use of advanced technology. However your country has not moved out of the Stone Age. That you can not blame anyone else but the lack of being smart amongst your peers. Yes raping is raping no matter who it is but your people are coming into Europe because they are so poor your own country can't figure out how to take care of them. So they come into Europe with no skills and want to live off the welfare system. The crime rate has sky rocketed since your arrival and yes raping has increased tremendously. This tells me there is a disgusting level of disrespect amongst your peers and there is no excuse for this animalistic behavior. Don't make excuses of what happened a long time ago as reasons why your peers act like animals in this present day. Even in the US the attitude amongst your peers is the same. And the Africans in the US was born in the US and have never step foot in Africa yet the attitude is the same, crime is always up and rapings are the same. That is why I know it has nothing to do with western interference in your mother county but just the fact that the mindset is the same throughout the world.
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      ntahedasin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis, we go stop here this tasteless matter. But before that and first off all let me tell you that my countrymen may have been beheld in the stone age (by whom ??) while you civilised people continue taking far right wing mind as upper cleverness. Thus going as far as believing that you are the chosen race by God in the world. Please make an intellectual effort if only to know where came from the civilisation you hold for yours today. You go say again that it isn't the reason why we Black Africans would accept to remain in the darkness and here I frankly agree with you. But, Madam, do you know a single country which developped while its so-called civilisers (purportedly gone away) continue to do whatever they can in order to annihilate any advancement and any progress ? By the time being you should know that assassinating the genuine national leaders is commonplace in Black Africa. Of course as you are a Far Right wing proponent you simply take for certain that Black people's life doesn't matter. And believe me I am not the kind of a negro who go beg you to change your mind. Not at all ! Dignity strictly prevents me from doing that.
      You hinted cowardice as a fact that impedes any Black people's progress wherever they live. I agree totally with you. I only add that tha main reason is not that one. It is very long to develop so I won't. But, Madam, even when it comes to cowardice haven't seen yet coward people (if not many) around you, I mean among white people and especially among your leaders ? When I say that people finally have leaders they deserve my reasoning stems upon that fact. You should know an European high politician who forcefully continue to stir hatred against Russia (labelling it as the EU's enemy) mostly since he thinks that Donald Trump is going to lower tensions between US and Russia. Moreover that politician dreams of becoming the next EU president and it won't be surprising if he succedes. Meanwhile you Europeans fear even to stage a big demonstration against such a dangerous political stance. Isn't here an example of cowardice ? Europe is not Black Africa, I foresee you saying. Well! I went far with that. It is time I stopped here.
      To end my answers to you let me tell you, Madam that Black Africa is not poor. The inhabitants should not be as poor as they are. But, as I put already yesterday and maintain, the very same white civilisers purportedly gone away after Africa's independences are in fact on the spot. What do they do under the name of Aid, Democraty, Humanism, Progres and so on ? Not only pillaging Africa but also preventing genuine Black African Leaders from emerging. I repeat that they do not hesitate to resort to assassination. I finish by sincerely admitting that we Black Africans are not innocent. Not at all. Madam, let us definitely stop here the subject.
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