13:46 GMT +330 March 2017
    Organizer Lutz Bachmann, speaks during a news conference of the group 'Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West' (PEGIDA) in Dresden

    German Court Upholds Fine Against PEGIDA Anti-Islamist Movement Leader

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    Lutz Bachmann, the leader of PEGIDA anti-migration movement, must pay the fine for “inciting hatred against foreigners”, according to state court of Dresden.

    Dresden state court confirmed that Lutz Bachmann, the front man of Germany-based international anti-immigration movement, must pay the fine of 9,600 euros for "inciting hatred against foreigners",  according to German media.

    According to reports, Bachmann called the refugees "cattle," "garbage" and a "dirty bunch" in his Facebook a year ago. The fine was originally handed to Bachmann earlier this May, but both his lawyers and the prosecution appealed the decision. The plaintiffs demanded Bachmann must be put in jail for 7 months, while the defense pleaded the activist non-guilty.

    On Wednesday, though, both parties dropped their appeals based on the recommendation of the judge.

    According to media reports, the court's decision is based on 2105 video footage, where Bachmann publicly confirms that he "used words that everyone has used at least once" in his Facebook posts.

    PEGIDA, whose German acronym means Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, is a political and social movement that opposes Angela Merkel's open door policy and demands that all refugees must be integrated into western culture on terms of the accepting side.

    The movement members praise Swiss or Dutch refugee legislation which reduces bureaucratic delays in refuge entry approval, but also declares a zero-tolerance policy towards violations of law by the foreigners. PEGIDA is also opposed to any kind of parallel power structure, such as "sharia police" that the refugees may create.


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    • NATOisEVIL
      How deep Europe have fallen!
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Bachmann has every right to protest ......... Just like Muslims protest for what ever they cry and demand for. People have to remember that Bachmann is representing the German working class that witnessed raping in their towns and villages from these migrants and the main stream media supressed this information to the rest of the German public. They have justification to protest. The German people are hard working people and their taxes are going to shelter the migrants. Who don't even want to assimilate with the German society or want to learn the German culture. Putin views it differently in Russia. He will accept refugees but they better learn the Russian language and learn the Russian culture and if they can't abide by those demands the migrants are more than welcome to leave Russia and go to some other country that will allow migrants to take control.
    • Hermes
      Germans have to understand they are not slaves to islam who have to give in to every demand the islamic invaders put to them. They don't have to give them their money and their country but unfortunately their 'leaders' have managed to brainwash them into a submissive state of mind where in they let almost anything be done to them.
      They also have to understand that existing genocide laws allow the prosecution of every traitor that has been involved in the multicultural project and that the multicultural project is just a cover for ethnic cleansing. It's genocide by way of deception and that should put everyone on the trail of the people who are behind it. You can't talk to people like Merkel and those who support her because they are traitors and criminals. They have to be put on trial and as long as that doesn't happen the extermination of the german people and their culture will continue because they really really HATE us. We have to identify the source of this hate and eliminate it from our societies.
    • avatar
      "One day the world will know I was right"
    • Adrienne Adonis
      The German liber left can do what ever they try to shut up the right. Merkel will be voted out and then it's over for the migrant lovers.
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