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    Saltire, Saints and Stories: Celebrate St. Andrew’s Day With a Scottish Quiz

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    While November 30 might just be a normal working day for some, in Scotland, locals are celebrating the nation’s official holiday, St. Andrew’s Day. As usual, the day is filled with celebrations all across the country, from the capital, Edinburgh, to the Shetland Islands in the north.

    St. Andrew's Day, or 'La Naomh Anndrais' in Scottish Gaelic, marks the country's patron saint, which since 2006, has also been used as a good excuse to have a bank holiday in Scotland.

    ​However, while November 30 is a national holiday in Scotland, St. Andrew's Day is also celebrated in Barbados, Romania, Poland and other eastern European countries, seen in many countries as the beginning of the official winter Advent celebrations.

    ​As part of the day's celebrations in Scotland, traditional foods like haggis, tatties and neeps often become the center of attention, while parades, music and dancing take place to celebrate Scotland's traditional and modern-day culture.

    Anyone lucky enough to be in Scotland on St Andrew's day should also keep an eye out for the navy blue and white Scottish national flag, also known as the Saltire or St Andrew's Cross, which according to legend represents the diagonal-shaped cross that the patron saint was crucified on.

    ​In what has become somewhat of a newer tradition, Google has once again honored the day with a doodle representing some the Scotland's beautiful scenery, coupled with a sighting of 'Nessie,' the mysterious Loch Ness Monster.

    So in order to get into the festive theme, here is a quiz looking at Scottish cuisine, nature, films and fashion, just to see how Scottish you are.


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