12:46 GMT13 June 2021
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    Jazz Egger, a model based in London is on a mission to retell the fairy tale story of the modelling industry through Instagram.

    Whether it's how rehearsed her poses are to make parts of her body look thinner or if she had been told on a certain day by a modelling agency that she was "too wide" despite being underweight, Jazz has taken to Instagram to inform her 10,000 followers about the "truth" and what is more of a "nightmare" at times.

    And the reason why Jazz decided to fess up to her followers, was because she was having trouble thinking of the right words to use for one of her latest selfies. 

    "I was trying to think of a caption for a selfie and spent some minutes doing that. Then I was like 'f**k it, I don't want to do this anymore and wrote an honest caption," Jazz told Sputnik.



    "I never thought so many people would appreciate such a small change?

    Jazz Egger
    © Photo : Jazz Egger
    Jazz Egger

    "It was quite impulsive," Jazz admited.

    Jezz began her modelling career in Austria aged just 13 and felt many episodes she experienced were "shocking."  

    "I'd say there are a lot of things that are shocking on the same level. Stylists starting to cut your hair off  - at least 20 centimeters before a shoot, without asking you if it's okay," Jazz said.



    "Casting directors rejecting models because they are over 22, even though they look 18 or when they send you to a casting that's two hours away from where you are at just so they can tell you when you arrive that the casting has been cancelled.

    "Truth is, a lot of people in the industry think they are upper class and treat everyone else like dirt. The industry is not as glamorous as it seems."



    And "truth" is at the center of what Jazz Egger is doing by writing her "honest captions" that accompany her selfies - and intends to continue doing so.  

    "I will definitely keep writing honest captions with my hashtag #truthbehindthisshot," Jazz told Sputnik. 


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