01:15 GMT06 August 2021
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    EU Parliament Adopts Resolution Equating Sputnik, RT to Daesh Propaganda (82)

    Serbian media outlets should voice support to their Russian colleagues against the backdrop of a recent adoption of the European Parliament’s resolution aimed at counteracting Russian media, the leader of the Serbian League party said in an open letter on Saturday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted in favor of a resolution on countering Russian media outlets, such as Sputnik and RT. Out of 691 lawmakers taking part in the vote, 304 voted in favor of the resolution, 179 voted against it, and 208 abstained. Therefore, less than half of the lawmakers supported the resolution.

    "Both Serbian media and journalists have to support their Russian colleagues and in line with the professional standards of conduct to stop be silent," Aleksandar Djurdjev said, as quoted in an open letter of his party in support of Russian media outlets.

    He added Serbian media should respond to the "shameful" resolution, which compared Russian media activities with the propaganda of the Daesh jihadist group.

    The EU parliament's resolution said that Sputnik and RT posed a danger to European unity and called for extra European Commission funding for counter-propaganda projects. It also draws parallel between Russian media and the propaganda disseminated by the Daesh, which is outlawed in Russia.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the adoption of the European Parliament’s resolution on Russian media, congratulated RT and Sputnik journalists on effective work and stressed that this resolution indicated apparent degradation of the concept of democracy in the Western society. Putin also expressed hope that common sense would prevail and that there would be no actual restrictions against the Russian media.

    EU Parliament Adopts Resolution Equating Sputnik, RT to Daesh Propaganda (82)


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