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    Busted! Politicians, Police Caught in Huge Norwegian Pedophile Ring

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    Norwegian police have filed charges against 51 people suspected of various kinds of abuse of children including babies. Even the future abuse of yet unborn children was discussed in the country's largest ever pedophile ring.

    A total of 150 terabytes of data, including photos, videos and chat transcripts was seized in an operation codenamed "Dark Room," which was the largest operation of its kind carried out in Norway. The seized data shows, among other things, toddlers being penetrated, children being tied up, children having sex with animals and children having sex with other children.

    "In total, there were 51 people involved in multiple networks with branches throughout the country and even overseas. A large number of images, movies and chat logs have been seized and analyzed. Over the course of the operation, we found serious cases of abuse against children of all ages, even infants," Hilde Reikrås, who was responsible for operation Dark Room, told Norwegian national broadcaster NRK.

    The case began to unravel after a 22-year-old man in the city of Bergen was detained for sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl. During the search, police confiscated images and video clips of hardcore child pornography. In the course of the inquiry, the total amount of seized data grew to 150 terabytes, in effect the largest seizure in the history of Norway.

    Chat logs revealed that the pedophile ring members communicated through encrypted Darknet networks for entrusted peers and contacted children through ordinary websites. Norwegian police described children as an age group particularly susceptible to compliments.

    "Several perpetrators were obviously familiar to their immediate environments. Family and friends reacted with shock when they were arrested. Perpetrators come from all walks of life, many of them have a higher education, possess high IT skills and have used encryption to hide their tracks," prosecutor Janne Ringset Heltne told NRK.

    The perpetrators were suspected of performing sexual intercourse, child rape, aiding and abetting sexual crimes against children, trafficking, production, possession and manufacturing of child pornography and manipulation and coercion towards children. Police suspect that some of files were shared on memory sticks using snail mail. Additionally, the perpetrators used fake accounts where they posed as children.

    In the most chocking instance, there is evidence of a conspiracy to abuse a yet unborn child.

    Most remarkably, the list of alleged perpetrators includes politicians for the Progress Party and the Labor Party, as well as a police officer.


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    • sophm0e38
      This would never happen in Britain. We prefer picking on elderly celebrities and hope the public ignore what our politicians get up to.
    • avatar
      This pales in comparison to the British pedophile network which includes politicians, royalty, peers, teachers, doctors and police officers.
    • turex
      Shockingly disgusting, all involved should be painfully castrated, working hard in prison for twenty five years minimum and their houses must be turned into public toilets.
    • avatar
      Horrific fantastic to see this investigation progress may it be the start to a world wide exposure of these people who destroy childrens lives to make there own more satisfying and to the real issues involved and how the world must change its attitude to protecting a core of psychotic people that dont want to rear a family but destroy humanity by elimination.
    • NouvelleEcosse
      It's painfully sad to say that it is a severely under punished crime. I hope this case sets a precedent and opens doors to catch more.
    • avatar
      deviancy is on the rise unquestionably.
    • Rick Sanchezin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, I don't think that it's on the rise as much as it was under reported before. It's been going on for years but been swept under the rug, especially when some of those involved are connected.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toRick Sanchez(Show commentHide comment)
      Rick thanks for that, I do agree about the under reporting. The press have gotten away with an amazing amount over the decades in many countries. :)
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