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    Satellite dishes are pictured on balconies at the Hovsjoe district in south-western Soedertaelje.The district is dominated heavily by people with different ethnic background than Swedish, in particular Assyrians / Syrians, Sweden Finns and Armenians.

    There's No Place Like Home: 'New Swedes' to Move Into Cities of Their Own

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)

    Despite coming in fifth in Europe in terms of total surface area, Sweden remains a sparsely-population nation. Last year's migrant crisis provided Sweden's ageing population with a welcome boost, yet also exacerbated Sweden's rampant housing crisis. Today, Sweden is considering creating new cities to counter the housing shortage.

    While an overwhelming majority of Swedish municipalities (240 out of 290) are experiencing a housing shortage, last year's record 163,000 asylum-seekers may put the Nordic country's welfare system under additional strain. Today, not only suburban municipalities in big city areas, but also their rural counterparts across the country suffer from the lack of homes. With hundreds of thousands of homes absent, the Swedish government is determined to solve the crisis with extreme measures. New cities may be founded in Sweden, as the Swedish government appointed Uppsala county councilor Johan Edstav as the new coordinator to assist Housing Minister Peter Eriksson.

    According to Edstav, brand new cities with populations of up to 50,000 inhabitants may be founded to establish new, sustainable neighborhoods. Edstav is currently working in cooperation with municipalities across the country. The idea is to avoid urban sprawl and the mushrooming of suburbs. Accordingly, the new communities will feature their own city centers, jobs and services.

    "The sky is the limit, one might say. The demand is of course very large. There is no limitation in my mission to establish how big the new urban areas may be," Johan Edstav told Swedish Radio.

    According to Edstav, the new housing projects may include expanding existing urban areas or creating entirely new ones. Whereas Edstav specifically dismissed over-ambitious plans to "establish a new Brasilia" in inland Norrbotten (Sweden's northernmost and thinly-populated county), he admitted that access to good transport links to major cities and employment possibilities are key for future urban development.

    With almost a year to complete his task, Edstav already identified several areas in the Mälardalen region in central Sweden that may need a closer look. In an interview with Swedish trade newspaper Dagens Industri, Edstav recognized Läggesta, which is less than 40 minutes away from central Stockholm by train, as a possible construction site.

    Swedish Housing Minister Peter Eriksson named medium-sized Swedish cities like Karlskrona, with a population of 35,000 inhabitants, as a template to follow. According to Eriksson, the new cities must have at least 10,000 homes. Additionally, the new urban development should run in connection with plans to build high-speed lines between Sweden's major cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Earlier in November, Dagens Industri identified Sweden as Europe's most expensive country for construction.

    At present, Säffle and Oxelösund are Sweden's youngest towns, which were granted urban rights in 1951.

    According to previous estimates, a total of 710,000 new homes will be needed in Sweden by 2025. Meanwhile, "new Swedes" are likely to become the primary inhabitants of future cities. In 2016 alone, 70,000 asylum-seekers were grated residence permits in Sweden and became eligible to receive a home in Swedish municipalities, with the demand peaking in the Stockholm metropolitan area.

    Stockholm's notoriously long queue for rent-controlled housing is a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records. It takes an average of nine years to be granted a rent-controlled property, with the waiting period jumping to two decades in some of the most popular neighborhoods.

    So far, campaigns by Stockholm City to encourage the locals to rent out their homes to new arrivals have fallen flat despite lavish funding. Last week, Swedish national broadcaster SVT reported that only a measly 0.012 percent of Stockholmers showed an interest in the generous offer.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)


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    • Mats Oskar Liljedahl
      It is remarkable that the environmental party’s minister propagate for an increased population. Sweden’s population is five times as large today as it was 250 years ago.
    • avatar
      "9-years for an apartment." Yeah, If it is a shithole. 15-20 if you want to live i Stockholm.
    • Atmoran
      Sputnik turning into just yet another liberal MSM by the day...

      "Last year's migrant crisis provided Sweden's ageing population with a welcome boost, yet also exacerbated Sweden's rampant housing crisis."

      And a lot worse things than just housing crisis, but lets spare those right. And wait for another protest of the Swedes, like the last time when people took on the streets because of the woman in wheel chair, gang raped in a public place, and then call them "white supremacists" as we constantly do, just like western MSM's who other wise we always dub as manipulative. Alright folks. No problem.
    • hp b
      Away from prying eyes.. Nothing to see here folks, just assimilating..
    • avatar
      I am so sorry Sweden. In a few years it will be sharia law and a hell hole.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      In other words the Swedes are going to build cities just for the migrants coming in from Syria and Africa and Libya. That's means they will be polling them in all together. It seems to me the Swedes in control are going to create ghetto cities. That's racist and it promotes isolating different ethnic backgrounds. Also how can isolating these people promote integration with the Swedish way of life ? It just goes to show you how hypocritical the swedes in control truly are.
    • avatar
      More migrants = higher house prices = take the money and run= f**k everyone else
    • avatar
      The migrant problem was created by The European Union.
      The plan was to replace existing population with new people and killing by radical Islamists who are already in Europe.
      This is called SYSTEMATIC GENOCIDE.
    • avatar
      copiusin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis,
      The ones in real control are the paymasters of EU members.
      They do not care of what happens to the original population.
    • avatar
      Soon Europeans will become refugees.
    • Adrienne Adonisin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, it's the people's salaries that pay the paymasters. If the Europeans unite like they are slowly doing now they can remove the paymasters and put in place leaders of the same point of view. Then they can control what ever they need to control. But first the Europeans need to see the serpents head first before they can react. I always said that Europeans can always group together by the millions and relocate anywhere in Europe where their political views are the same and begin to settle in that location by the masses. Then they will vote their own leaders of like mind. Then they can control who and what comes into their country of choice. You have to remember these are the hard working people who's salaries pay for these migrants who do nothing but create harm. So take the working class away and you take the funding with that.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Who in the hell would rent their home to third world uneducated people who will destroy the property within 6 months. Look at all of the cities in the upUS where peop,emon welfare were given new apartment buildings to live in. Within 6 months these living spaces were infested with roaches, bed bugs and were completely ruined ....... The same will happen to these new Swedish homes. Also why are the Swedes promoting isolation of only refugees in these new cities. Where is the integration the swedes spoke about. ??? The Swedish govt is creating divisions in communities which is not good. Pretty soon the migrants will jot allow any Swedish people into these new cities built for them and I guarantee you that in these new cities will breed terrorist organizations. The swedes in control are definitely a bunch of liber idiots. The leaders of Sweden are full of crap when they try to portray these new cities as being a good thing ....... Notice how the swedes phrase these raping pedofile migrants as Swedish residences........ Why don't they show us pictures of what these Swedish residences look like and then we can determine if they mean migrants living off the welfare system.
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