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    Swedish PR Guys Hope to Lure Trump-Wary Americans

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    In the weeks leading up to the American presidential election, the Swedish media spared no effort intimidating the public with spooky Trump stories. In a strange echo, a Swedish company has launched a well-timed venture that advertises Sweden for Americans who are seriously considering packing their backs should the election go the "wrong" way.

    The Stockholm-based advertising agency Round & Round has launched a witty recruitment campaign called "The Great Trump Escape." "You are looking for a new country, we are looking for your talent," the punchline said.

    The idea is that any American who fears the outcome of Tuesday's big vote can register their portfolio with the company. However, it will only be considered provided that Trump wins, Swedish news outlet Dagens Media reported.

    By Round & Round's own admission, the company, which currently has no Americans on its staff, would gladly offer job opportunities to US citizens who are anxious to leave their home country once Trump pulls a win. For its own part, Round & Round hopes to benefit from an influx of creative personnel.

    The Great Trump Escape website even provides some background on Sweden for inquisitive US-based readers, noting the sublime difference between Sweden and Switzerland that might well escape some foreigners.

    "We are, in fact, not known for neither chocolate nor watches. That's Switzerland," the website informed, pointing out that Sweden is rather famous for long maternity leaves, five-week-holidays and its healthcare.

    Round & Round, which described itself as a hybrid between a PR and an advertising agency, is currently searching for 'creatives' and is focused on round shapes, running under the motto "Make Advertisement Round Again."

    Even if a Trump victory would potentially yield a larger pool of contestants to choose between, Round & Round made it crystal clear, they would rather not see that scenario become reality.

    "Honestly, we really hope it won't come down to all that. Get your s*it together, America," the tagline on the Great Trump Escape website said.

    If the US election were held in Sweden, Hillary Clinton would have won hands down. A total of 69 percent of respondents would have voted for Clinton, as opposed to 9 percent for Trump, a poll by the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet revealed in October.

    In March 2016, a poll by Morning Consult/Vox suggested that more than 1 in 4 Americans would consider leaving the US in the event of a Trump victory. 


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