15:16 GMT18 September 2020
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    Britain and EU After Brexit (118)
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    According to UK House of Lords, United Kingdom should reconsider the ways of its cooperation with other countries within the United Nations after exiting the European Union.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) The United Kingdom should reconsider the ways of its cooperation with other countries within the United Nations after exiting the European Union, the UK House of Lords said in a Friday report.

    "Brexit will require the UK to reconsider its methods of operation at the UN. The UK must be resourceful and imaginative, seizing the opportunity to forge new alliances at the UN and to build a fresh relationship with other European states," the report by the the International Relations Committee of the House of Lords, titled "The UK and the UN: Priorities for the new Secretary-General," said.

    The report added that London had strong reasons to "continue aligning" both with the EU member states and with the bloc itself on a number of issues, such as security, environment and international law.

    On June 23, the United Kingdom held a referendum to determine whether or not the country should leave the 28-nation bloc. According to the final results, some 52 percent of voters decided to support Brexit.

    Britain and EU After Brexit (118)


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