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    Редитељ Борис Малагурски

    'Serbian Michael Moore' Explains Why He Thinks Trump is Better Than Clinton

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    Film director Boris Malagurski, also known as the ‘Serbian Michael Moore’, known for his movie ‘The Weight of Chains’, talked about why he thinks Donald Trump is better than Hillary Clinton and offered Putin recommendations in an interview with Sputnik.

    Starting with the US elections, Malagurski said that he got the impression that the majority of American news outlets oppose Trump. "It's very hard to get real information. In that sense, Politico is ok, but the rest of them – CNN, BBC, — are involved in the anti-Trump campaign. And their polls are designed to demoralize anyone who is ready to support Trump," Malagurski said.

    Commenting on the distinction between the two leading candidates, Malagurski pointed out the difference in the stances that Trump and Clinton hold concerning foreign policy. "I know that Trump has never apologized to Serbia for the US' bombings (earlier, a fake interview with Trump emerged in the Balkans, in which he purportedly offered his apology for the events of 1999 – Sputnik), however, his positions concerning Russia, Syria, current world crises – these all can justify support for this candidate. He has a realistic point of view on things; he does not follow the line of conflict with the whole world, like Hillary Clinton did by following Bush’s strategy of "You’re either with us, or against us." In that sense, I believe, Trump is a better choice than Clinton. The less the American president knows about us, the better, and Hillary, I’m sorry to say, knows a lot about us. In her book, she wrote that when her husband was in doubt whether to bomb Serbia or not, she said: do it," Malagurski stated.

    He then moved on to talk about Vladimir Putin: "I think he does a lot of things right; for instance, he uses sanctions the right way because he has realized how 'adequate' the neoliberal project, forced by the West, really is," the director said.

    Disclosing what he is working on now, Malagurski said that his next movie, 'The Weight of Chains 3' will focus on environmental pollution, climate change and GMOs. "In the first movie, we showed how we are destroyed by war, in the second – with the help of economics, and in the third movie, we’ll deal with biological destruction. We will show positive examples of countries that banned GMOs, like Hungary, and then countries that managed to win the battle of economic freedom, like Iceland. We want to inspire people and show them that fighting for a better society means fighting for a healthier society, for longer life spans, and for the opportunity for our children not to have to wear masks to get to school, like they do in some cities in China".


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