11:31 GMT04 August 2020
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    The release of the Podesta Emails by WikiLeaks before, during and after the final televised debate between US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a timely example of the influence founder Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have, while holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London with just the Internet for company...

    Until, that is, the Ecuadorian embassy decided to cut off the Internet supply to Mr. Assange during the US election, citing its policy of "non-interference."

    ​The embassy said it didn't intend to interfere with WikiLeaks' journalistic work and would continue to protest Julian Assange's right to asylum.

    According to a recent statement issued by WikiLeaks, "It is the government of Ecuador's prerogative to decide how to best guard against the misinterpretation of its policies by media groups or states whilst ensuring that it protects Mr. Assange's human rights." 

    ​However, the statement continues to verify which countries the group publishes its "one million documents and associated analysis a year." Those countries include: France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway.

    "WikiLeaks has never published from jurisdiction of Ecuador and has no plans to do so. Similarly Mr. Assange does not transmit UK election related documents from the embassy.

    "WikiLeaks has a perfect, decade long record for publishing only true documents. It has many thousands of sources but does not engage in collaborations with states."

    The statement published on WikiLeaks' official Twitter account was released by the group's editorial board.

    Meanwhile, Julian Assange tweeted about the death of former WikiLeaks director Gavin MacFadyen, who has died aged 76 of lung cancer, surrounded by loved ones in London on Saturday 22 October 2016.

    Assange took to social media to pay his respects with a message from WikLeaks, saying MacFadyen "now takes his fists and his fight to battle God."

    WikiLeaks have also has been asked to prove its founder Julian Assange is alive. In response, the organization has taken to Twitter to ask users to vote how they would like clarification that Mr. Assange is indeed, not dead.

    On October 23 2016, WikiLeaks stated that Assange was safe and well and "still in full command despite reduced communication with staff."

    ​Julian Assange has been living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since seeking asylum there to escape extradition to Sweden where he faces sexual assault charges relating to allegation in 2012 that Mr. Assange denies.


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