03:55 GMT +330 March 2017
    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London (File)

    WikiLeaks Denies Publishing US Election Campaign Documents by Assange

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    Julian Assange did not publish documents related to the US election campaign from the Embassy of Ecuador in London, the WikiLeaks website said.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — “WikiLeaks has never published from jurisdiction of Ecuador and has no plans to do so. Similarly Mr. Assange does not transmit US election related documents from the embasy,” the whistleblowing website said on its Twitter account.

    The WikiLeaks' statement followed the decision of Ecuadorian authorities to deprive Julian Assange of the Internet link in the embassy in London.

    “It is the government of Ecuador’s prerogative to decide how to best guard against the misinterpretation of its policies by media groups or states whilst ensuring that it protects Mr. Assange’s human rights,” the website said.

    On Friday, WikiLeaks released the 14th batch of emails of US Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

    On Tuesday, the embassy said it had shut off Assange's Internet access due to WikiLeaks publishing materials that affect the US presidential election.

    Assange has been residing in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012 to not be extradited to Sweden, where he was accused of rape after WikiLeaks begun to release documents in its possession.


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    • neo con artist
      Assange would be in serious trouble if he published from the embassy... the docs exist on the dark web, not on some hackable cloud... wikileaks just extracts files, then publishes, on their time and of their choosing
    • Hermes
      ........where he was accused of rape after WikiLeaks begun to release documents in its possession..........

      He was accused of rape after alledgedly raping two women and not because of his publications. Ecuador is protecting a rapist and is insulting the swedish justice system.
      The facts concerning the rape case are ignored by all media and the right to free speech is used by assange to keep silent about his crime.
      USA still has not issued a warrant for his arrest let alone an extradition request and they are never going to do so. I wish ecuador would extradite him to Sweden so he can answer to the allegations made against him and this sorry affair can come to an end once and for all and stuff the leftist herd that believes anything.
    • avatar
      The US are ridiculous and the Clinton's and their Media Support crew are equally ridiculous.I pray that President Trump will pardon Julian Assange
    • avatar
      Ozbanislamin reply toneo con artist(Show commentHide comment)
      neo con artist, John Kerry threaten Ecuador with Venesuela style Hardships lol
    • avatar
      The forces are trying to shut him up as the truth is evil.He is doing a service to let people see evildoings .
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