02:08 GMT29 September 2020
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    Britain and EU After Brexit (118)

    Politicians often find it difficult to answer questions directly, so this week, when UK Labour asked the Conservatives to answer a whopping 170 questions on Brexit, it is unclear as to whether any response from the Tories will follow.

    Putting aside any unanswered questions the UK Labour Party has yet to answer about its own future direction, all that is certain thus far about the path the UK will take is that "Brexit means Brexit…"

    Whatever shape this will take, it will be implemented officially in March 2017, according to a recent statement by UK PM Theresa May.

    Until then, Labour MPs Emily Thornberry and Sir Keir Starmer — the newly appointed shadow minister for Brexit — have claimed that the Tories are being hesitant about clarifying the Brexit plan, because in reality, it may not even yet exist. 

    In a letter addressed UK's Brexit Secretary, David Davis, the London-based Labour members pointed out that any response to their questions, "might give some confidence that the government is entering the Article 50 negotiations with a clear plan."

    Clarity however, is being demanded on behalf of the whole of the UK, not just Labour.

    This includes issues related to immigration rules, what EU and wider international trading models may look like, what the future rights of EU citizens in the UK will be, as well as the mystery around membership of the single market — and much more.

    Labour are boosting the publicity of the political quiz by asking the Government to answer one question per day in the lead-up to Theresa May's self-imposed Brexit deadline next year. Seems like the Labour Party are fulfilling their role of keeping the Government in check.

    Mr. Davis however, has so far not been able provide concrete answers and has only underlined the key overall aims of the Tory Government: bringing UK law back under Britain's control, maintaining strong security cooperations with the EU and being able to establish the freest possible market in goods and services with UK's neighbors as well as with the wider world.

    To find out how Brexit will eventually manifest itself, people may need to tune into the final episode of the political '170 Questions Quiz' in March 2017. 

    Britain and EU After Brexit (118)


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