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    Revolution Kids: Five-Year-Old Calls Out UK PM Theresa May on Homelessness

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    Kids are more attuned to issues in wider society, those they deeply care about, than adults may initially realize. Five-year-old Brooke Blair for instance, proved this by addressing the UK PM Theresa May in a YouTube video, in which she sent the Conservative party leader a rather personal and heartfelt message.

    In the video, five-year-old Brooke passionately talks about how she saw "hundreds and millions" of homeless people on UK streets, adding that UK PM should be distributing biscuits and hot chocolate, or even building houses for them.

    "Yesterday night I was out on the streets and I saw hundreds and millions of homeless people. I saw one with floppy ears, I saw loads. You should be out there, Theresa May, you should be… biscuits, hot chocolate, sandwiches, building houses," Brooke says in the video.

    "You've got the pot of money, spend some and help people. That's what you've got to do, because we've had lots of wars in this country and I do not like that Theresa May. I'm very angry!" the five-year-old added.

    Many who commented on the YouTube video commended the child for talking with such passion, however some also suspected the video to be a promotional stunt by Brooke's mother, who works as a TV actress and life coach in the UK.  

    In response to the suggestions, Brooke's mum Holly Matthews, took to her blog  to explain how homelessness in the UK had genuinely been troubling her daughter for some time.

    But regardless of whether the video was genuine or not, there is no denying that the delivery of the message surrounding the problem of rising homelessness in the country requires the government's and community agencies' immediate attention.

    According to latest figures collated by national UK charity Homeless Link, as many as 3,569 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night across England. 

    There is also said to be an increase of 30% in the number of rough sleepers from 2014 to 2015. Since 2010 however, rough sleeping estimates show an increase of as much as 102%.

    And Brooke Blair isn't the only child who is displaying political and social inclinations across social media.

    In the US, Kid President is a popular online video series that includes a slightly older than Brooke young boy, who speaks about his plans to change the world.

    The UK also has his very own four-year-old Kid Prime Minister, making similar political waves at a very young age.


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