04:56 GMT06 August 2021
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    The Catalan authorities are developing identification cards (DNI) that will be issued to the residents of the autonomous region in case of its separation from Spain, local media reported on Thursday.

    MADRID (Sputnik) According to La Vanguardia newspaper, the DNI will allegedly contain the holder's name, place and date of birth as well as the social security and health insurance numbers, and tax data.

    The development of these cards will cost 9 million euros ($10 million) to the Catalan authorities, the media outlet added. The idea behind the cards is to show to Catalans that their rights and social benefits will be preserved if the region officially secedes from Spain.

    Catalonia has long sought independence from Spain, but the Spanish government has repeatedly declined the region’s quest for independence, saying it would violate the country’s constitution.

    On November 9, the parliament of Catalonia passed a resolution to begin the process of seceding from Spain. The initiative was backed by 72 votes in the 135-seat parliament.

    The Catalan authorities are discussing the issue of residents' nationality after possible separation. One of the options is to grant the Catalan nationality to all residents who will be in the region at the moment of the independence declaration. The residents of other Spain's regions who were born in Catalonia or lived there for some time could also claim the citizenship. The acquisition of Catalan citizenship will not entail the loss of the Spanish citizenship, according to the region's independence supporters.


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