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    UK Entrepreneur Calls on Men to 'Come Out of Polygamy Closet' & Seek Second Wife

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    After having difficulties finding a second wife, British entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala told Radio Sputnik he decided to set up a website to help would-be polygamists like himself.

    UK-based entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala decided to set up a website after having difficulties finding a second wife. 

    "I had told my future in-laws, my wife, 'hey I'm going to have multiple wives.' But almost ten years into my marriage, it wasn't happening. I still found a lot of barriers. Society still thought of polygamy as a taboo subject," Chaiwala told Radio Sputnik.

    Although polygamy is illegal in the UK, according to Chaiwala it is widely practiced and is even a solution to today's social problems.

    "It's absolutely practiced, it's almost tradition if you don't practice it," claimed Chaiwala, who seemed to equate short-term relationships with polygamy.

    "If you were to take any relationship research from Europe or America or any country that has a liberal sexual view, you see that in the UK, before a man settles down with his long-term partner, which I believe breaks down 50 percent of the time, he has had 13 sexual partners and the female has eight. So all I'm saying (is), only marry one woman, and then marry another, maybe only have two."

    Chaiwala said that men who want to be polygamists "don't have to be super-rich," but they need to be able to afford two of everything – "two houses, two sets of cars, two sets of children's school fees etc."

    Women whose husbands want to engage in polygamy "eventually understand it works for them," Chaiwala said.

    Chaiwala has set up two websites to help men find multiple wives. The first, Secondwife.com, is exclusively for Muslims. Another, called Polygamy.com, is for anybody who wants to engage in the practice, which is illegal in most countries including the UK.

    According to its founder, Polygamy.com has 100,000 users, the majority of whom are Christians from the US and UK. 

    His websites offer matchmaking for men seeking multiple wives, but not for women seeking multiple husbands. Chaiwala said "there has never been a demand" from women for such a service. 

    The entrepreneur claims that polygamy is practiced by "the best people in society," and prevents the breakdown of families.

    "It's not for everybody, I'm not saying everybody should go and have multiple wives but the people that do want to are not bad people. They're the best people in society. They could have prostitutes, they could have mistresses, but they don't want to, they go down the decent route," Chaiwala said.


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