05:22 GMT07 April 2020
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    German therapists have discovered a life hack to defeat dentist phobia! Today, one does not have to be afraid of scary dental procedures or of painful injections. Everything is more than simple - specialists are using a standardized method of hypnosis to fix patient’s teeth.

    Thousands of German therapists, dentists and even surgeons are treating certain human conditions with hypnosis, according to The Local.

    The technique is simple. Therapists place their patients in a hypnotic state by using several repetitive visual and verbal signals. After the patient is totally relaxed, he automatically becomes open to suggestions, meaning that patients are better able to deal with pain.

    “Hypnosis is not what most people think it is,” announced Götz Renartz, president of the German Society of Hypnosis (DGSH).

    Hypnosis has gained popularity among the scientific community. The unusual technique is based on medical studies, and can help patients stop smoking or even deal with some sexual disorders. However, this treatment is not recommended for people who suffer from extreme personality disorders or are clinically psychotic.

    During the procedure, specialists claim that patients do not lose control over their behavior and cannot be convinced to act against their will.

    This week, members of the German Society for Dental Hypnosis (DGZH) will attend a conference in Berlin to discuss the new method of hypnosis, while a meeting between DGSH members will be held in Mainz. Both will discuss how music therapy, school psychology and hypnosis interact, and will provide workshops and demonstrate the application of hypnotherapy to dentistry.


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