16:18 GMT26 November 2020
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    Italian researchers have discovered the key to a long and healthy life! Apparently the answer lies in good microcirculation, which is responsible for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells and the removal of toxins, according to research by the Cilento Initiative on Aging Outcome (CIAO).

    Professor Salvatore Di Somma and his team have carried out a study, in which they examined the health of long-livers with a median age of 92 years. It appears that the blood supply to their organs is as effective as that in people who are 30 years younger.

    Experts concluded that long-livers have a low blood level of the peptide hormone Adrenomedullin (bio-ADM). The hormone is an indicator of good microcirculation.

    “Very low concentrations of this biomarker indicate a well-functioning endothelial and microcirculatory system allowing good blood perfusion of organs and muscles,” explained Di Somma.

    Where a high concentration of bio-ADM is found in the blood, vasodilatation (the dilatation of blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure) and integrity of the blood vessels are much worse.

    "We are excited about the connection between bio-ADM levels and a good microcirculation as an indicator for good quality of life,” announced Andreas Bergmann, who was a key player in developing the bio-ADM project. “If bio-ADM proves to be a reliable biomarker for longevity this will open up the avenue to a systematic analysis of the factors contributing to longevity.”

    Traditionally, scientists have considered the key factors determining life expectancy to be genetic predisposition, physical activity and eating habits.


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