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    'Out of Touch With Reality': EU Should Rethink Its Anti-Russian Policy

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    In an interview with ARD TV earlier this week German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that “stable security” in Europe was unthinkable without Russia. Sputnik discussed the issue with Marcin Domagała, the head of the European Center of Geopolitical Analyses in Szczecin, Poland.

    "Realistically-minded people in Polish politics, both pro-government and opposition, are very few and far between. The German minister’s statement is a very realistic and sober one because you can’t have peace and security in Europe by excluding a country that occupies almost half of our continent,” Marcin Domagała told Sputnik.

    “All our politicians want are closer ties with the United States, certainly not with Russia, which they call an aggressor,” he said, adding that this Russophobic sentiment was completely out of touch with the situation that really exists in Europe and the world as a whole.

    When asked about the chances of Steinmeier’s proposal to put a limit on weapons and armed forces in Europe and to ensure greater transparency about the number  of new types of weapons deployed there, including drones, being heard amid the heightened tensions Russia and the West, he said that first, it was just am proposal.

    “Secondly, I would rather focus on transparency. Russia, unlike Poland or Germany, is a big country and it needs a bigger army. Steinmeier’s idea is to re-launch arms control and ease the tensions now existing in Europe over the crises in Ukraine and the Middle East. What really matters now is transparency and predictability. We no longer trust each other, we need to restore this trust,” he emphasized.

    Speaking about the German foreign minister’s desire to see the Minsk accords implemented already before this year is out, and what Kiev’s allies in

    Europe and the United States could do to make it honor their provisions, Marcin said that even if President Poroshenko was ready to do this, it doesn’t mean that his administration is ready to follow suit.

    “Ukraine is the perfect example of a “failed state,” which means that even if the president wants to do something his desire can be ignored by the oligarchs. You can’t ask world leaders to call these moneybags and ask them to meet [the conditions of the Minsk accords].

    “Unlike its neighbors Lithuania, Belarus and Poland, Ukraine is not a country where you have a stable and predictable government. The problem is that you simply don’t know who is running the show there,” Marcin Domagała said in conclusion.


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