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    Protesters demonstrate against France's ban of the burkini, outside the French Embassy in London, Britain August 25, 2016.

    Burkini Ban Sparks London Uprising as Protesters Rally at French Embassy

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    Protesters in London rallied outside the French embassy Thursday, August 25, in solidarity with Muslim women and determined to speak out against the controversial ban on a specific kind of swimsuit also known as a burkini.

    Women of all nations stood outside the French embassy in London holding placards which read, "Wear what you want," and lying on sand dumped on the pavement. Some of the protesters wore bikinis and swimsuits, whereas others opted for a burkini.

    Jenny Dawkins a Church of England Priest, who was at the protest, said that the persecution of women had to stop.

    "I heard about this story and about women being persecuted and isolated because of the clothes they wear and I really object to that and it is never okay for women to be told what to wear by men carrying guns, so it's really a response of solidarity with the women, to say that you have been heard," Ms. Dawkins told Sputnik.

    "I think the solution [to all this] is to listen. Where we have a question about why a person is wearing something or follows a certain creed, the first response is to ask them and listen to them, and find out why."

    However, not everyone was happy about the protest. One lady, a French national, stood in front of the campaigners and shouted that the protest was in fact, a waste of time.

    "If you really want to stand up for equal rights why don't you discuss the fact so many young girls in the world are not educated," the lady shouted.

    As she ended her speech, the campaigners responded with: "Sisters united will never be defeated." One of the campaigners, a Muslim lady from London, said that she was here to voice her anger.

    "What the French police are doing to people who are wearing a burkini is deplorable. I can speak for myself and I am sure the women of France can speak for themselves as well. I am really hoping that the French government listens and takes this into account as they will start to isolate people," she told Sputnik.

    ​Last month France experienced another terror attack, where hundreds of people were mowed down by a terrorist in Nice as crowds celebrated the Bastille Day parade.

    The day after the tragic events, Sputnik visited the French embassy in London to try and speak to people who had lost their loved ones or those who wanted to pay their respects, however there was nobody there that day… No campaigners, bikinis or burkinis — and certainly no sand. Just a couple of small flower bouquets. 


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