15:46 GMT04 August 2020
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    French tourism agencies and authorities designed a special Pokebus and a tiny Poketrain for the virtual hunt for pocket monsters. Maryvonne Lefebvre, director of Nimes tourism bureau and Danielle Bourdet Villoria, head of the Mayor's Office for the Coordination of Marignane city campaigns, told Sputnik about the new tourist attractions.

    The Bureau of Tourism of Nimes decided to celebrate the appearance of Pokémon Go in France.

    “We thought that a Pokebus would be a great idea for children and their parents. And it meets the needs of Pokemon hunters,” announced Lefebvre. “We do not want to turn it into another ordinary tour. I think we should keep the spontaneous nature of the event.”

    The bureau came up with the following idea: to show Pokemon Go hunters the city’s main attractions, while respecting all safety regulations and providing them with a bus.

    “After all, the security issue is raised quite often. Especially, when the youth and even adults stare at the phone screen and do not pay any attention to road traffic. Unfortunately, there have been several accidents,” Maryvonne Lefebvre explained to Sputnik.

    According to the director of Nimes’ tourism bureau, Pokemon Go game creates a welcoming atmosphere, allowing visitors to explore not only historical sights, but also to meet and socialize with other people.

    Another exciting tourist and local attraction was the launch of Poketrain.

    As Danielle Bourdet Villoria announced, Poketrain’s key mission is to show visitors the city, while users can play and enjoy the game.

    “The train is a real success,” Villoria told Sputnik. “From the beginning many people signed up for a journey on it.  We hope the Poketrain will bring only positive delightful emotions.”

    The Poketrain has sold out on the three days it has run.

    “After all, to see smiling children on the — I think our event’s organization efforts were more than rewarded,” maintained Villoria.

    The train has pit stops at the park and it follows all safety rules.

    “We also give visitors advice and thus Kevin Bernat is present in the train, who is the local champion as he caught 145 pocket monsters,” Danielle Bourdet Villoria told Sputnik.

    In France, more than 6 million users play Pokémon Go.

    Some French towns and villages decided to organize events devoted to the game. For example, Caen organized a Facebook event that until the end of August, users have to attend one of the four places in the city (church, castle, museum or palace), take a photo of any pocket monster and send it back to organizers via e-mail.

    Those participants, whose photo receives the most likes by August 31, will win a prize.


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