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    A Gym That Calls People 'Fat and Ugly' and Other Times Ads Epically Failed

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    Advertising agencies know how to provoke and get people thinking, whether it's about buying a car, house or a bottle of coke. Adverts make us want to do something, they create a call to action that spurs us into overdrive.

    We start thinking about buying a sofa, even when we don't need one or have the money to spend, or a hair product, when deep down we know that it will not make our hair look any more shiny or styled than it already is. But of course, the model in the photo looks stunning, so why can't we just for a second imagine that we can look the same?

    ​One company however, has taken it a step too far it seems. UK gym Fit4Less (F4L) has been heavily criticized by charity Combat Bullying, for suggesting that being ugly requires some sort of cure.

    The gym's latest billboard came under fire with their controversial advertising campaign, which asks prospective customers if they are "fat and ugly."

    ​This is not the first time an organization has been caught out for being too controversial with their advertisements. Here are a few others who seemed to have crossed the line.

    Beach Body Ready 

    Protein World came under fire for their infamous billboard ads that asked the question, "Are you beach body ready?"

    The advert caused such a stir that people started to deface them and criticized the company heavily for the inappropriate and slightly rude message it was sending.

    Bowing to pressure. the fitness company changed their messaging and have decided to embrace women of all shapes and sizes.


    The dating website hit the headlines this summer for their advert which said: "If you don't like your imperfections, someone else will." Above the strapline was a picture of a lady with freckles on her face and red hair.

    Consumers called out the dating site for saying that having red hair and freckles does not make a person imperfect. quickly apologized for the misjudged adverts.

    ​​Ford Sport Ka

    The car manufacturer came under scrutiny from animal rights campaigners after their TV advert showed a car bonnet hitting a pigeon… In another version, the Ford's sunroof decapitates a cat. The compnay at first said it was a viral "marketing tactic" aimed at getting people to send it to each other online, yet Ford subsequently rejected the idea. The advert, thankfully, never made it to the TV screens.


    The deodorant giant has been known for its sexist and controversial adverts and in 2011 complaints flew in after one was seen to be objectifying women — as they always do.

    First ​Lynx made a video in which bikini-clad women were going "crazy" as a man washed himself on the beach. Then there were billboards which read: "The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get." This slogan also made its way onto the actual shampoo bottles the advert and billboard was actually trying to sell you.


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