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    A file picture taken in Brest harbor, western France, on September 21, 2004, shows the Vepr Russian nuclear submarine of the Project 971 Shchuka-B type, or Akula-class (Shark) by NATO classification , the same type as the Nerpa Russian nuclear submarine

    Underwater Battle: NATO Not Ready for Russian Sub Threat, Report Reveals

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    Throughout the Cold War of the late 20th century, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) was a priority for the West. Following the fall of the Soviet Union, that readiness deteriorated, and a new report suggests that NATO may be unprepared to defend itself against Russia’s modern fleet.

    The K-560 Severodvinsk Yasen-class nuclear submarine is one of Russia’s most advanced submersibles. Outfitted with sophisticated noise-reduction and electronic warfare equipment, and armed with long-range cruise missiles, anti-ship cruise missiles, torpedoes, and mines, the vessel can travel up to 35 knots.

    Emblematic of Russia’s growing submarine fleet, the K-560 is a prime example of how NATO’s ASW would be helpless against the Russian Navy, as detailed in a new report by the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

    "The organizations, relationships, intelligence, and capabilities that once supported a robust ASW network in the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea no longer exist," the study said.

    "Two things have happened," naval historian Norman Polmer siad, speaking to Breaking Defense. "One, [Russia’s] submarines are quieter, and, two, we have dismantled a large portion of our ASW capabilities."

    Anti-submarine systems include stationary underwater tripwire sensors, long-range patrol planes, submarines, and surface ships.

    The report recommends that all NATO countries contribute to boosting the alliance’s anti-submarine capabilities, in particular the United Kingdom, whose navy has seen a significant decline the last few years.

    "The Royal Navy may be at its lowest ebb," the report reads, pointing to the the 2011 retirement of both the UK’s long-range patrol planes, and its last aircraft carrier in 2014.

    While the United States has the largest fleet within the alliance, it is spread across the globe. With President Barack Obama’s Asian pivot, much of the US Navy has been stationed in the Pacific. With the Pentagon’s focus on the South China Sea, only a portion of its ASW capabilities are deployed in Europe.

    France has the strongest fleet in Europe, but much of its focus remains on the Mediterranean, displaying diminished interest in the North Atlantic or the Baltic.

    "Bottom line is yes, NATO ASW declined," Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain with Center for New American Security, told Breaking Defense. "We’re in a bad place as an alliance with regard to Russia’s underwater resurgence."


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      Make peace, not war, and save $Trillions on weapons that will never be used.
    • support
      Well, the US Navy has been experiencing difficulties with the development process for their new line of subs. The mechanics of these difficulties are explained in detail in the following video:


      The wretched reality is that nothing has changed, even politically, since this film was made.

      As an aside, the great composers Shostakovich and Prokofiev, to help pay for their own schooling, accompanied such films as orchestra-pit pianists when they showed them in Russia. If you have to practice 7 or 8 hours a day, you may as well get paid for 3 or 4 hours of it, outside of the mandatory Studies in Velocity, etc.
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      U.S industries are defaulting en mass. Small businesses are dissapearing,... KENYANOMICS doesn't work.
      And this industries are in the same boat. They cooking reports, to get cash. Congress is in denial, and thinking it can advert the inevitable. It will happen if they continue on that path.
      They creating proxy wars everywhere. And RUSSIA stays out.
      Lately they placed a PROXY, opposition in power. And guess who resolved the matter?
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      anne00mariein reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, The UK Navy, they have scrapped most of it (3 aircraft carriers were sent to a Turkish scrap yard and no doubt recycled into tin cans for John Kerry's wife's factory). Our submarines, when Russia was laying down designs for the new Boreii and Yassen class submarines, the UK were laying down plans for Astute, back in the Nineties.

      Fast forward, we retired our 6 Sureswift Class and also, owing to delays in the Astute Programme, the 6 Trafalgar Class have had to be extended (all due to be de-commissioned). There are only 2 Astute Class (attack) in active stage and 4 others in various stages of build. Plus, our 4 old balistics are coming to the end of their missile shelf life and goodness knows how long it will take to get the next class designed, built and in active stage.

      Way back in 1914, the UK had at least 130 submarines, coming off the production line in record time. Actually, Russia also has both attack and balistic in various stages of build and one of each hitting the water, on an annual basis.

      The Government seriously thought it was a good idea to hand out the International Aid Budget and bleat about austerity for everything else. They also got rid of most of the Forces and now we only have around 85,000 Serving Military Personnel (again austerity measures).
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      I think that the West is deliberately flattering Russia as if it is better than the West on this Military thing or that military thing; and I think that the Russians seem to be buying this Bu..sh..t, and are acting as if they are safe nd secured ! But, the West is deliberately feeding the Russians this false of security in order to exterminate them when they are in their...

      Russians, be careful !!!!!!!!!!!
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      bottom line is 'give us more money'.
    • supportin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, my internet handle in other circles is HMS Rodney.:) I am well aware of the trials and tribulations of a valiant force serving the Crown armed with little more than allotment hoes and cricket bats when compared to the capabilities of other nations, nations where it is still legal to honour one's own country above all others.

      It is odd that for some reason there is enough money to import millions of malevolent and supremacist foreigners from a culture traditionally antithetical to ours who have no intention of assimilating, much less to work and integrate, yet not enough to provide for a credible national defence force.
    • Agus Nizami
      War against Russia means doomsday not only for Russia. But also for US and Europe.
      Unlinke World War 2, Russia's ballistic missiles with 10 nuclear warheads each could reach any city in USA, London, Paris, and Berlin. It could reach 13,000 km away.
      Is the world ready for the Nuclear War?
      US cannot finish its war in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria. And now US are thinking of war against Russia? Is Obama out of his mind?
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      If I may interrupt.
      I didn't know or did we the Russian naval submarines are threatening NATO?

      Or did I miss something?
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      dewatergeusin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      Vote for The Donald.
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      dewatergeusin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, is the background of this information that UK is under attack or at least under threat?
      Is there anybody who can explain why UK need so many naval war toys and other "defense forces" war material while there are no signals from their side they are under threat or attack?
      Thank you.
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