15:25 GMT04 December 2020
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    Russia saved the world from Nazism during World War II, and now it is reaching out to the West, offering help in the fight against terrorism and Europe should accept otherwise it’s facing a new war it might not survive, French news outlet Boulevard Voltaire wrote.

    In 1939, when the Second World War broke out, France wasn’t prepared and it was the Soviet people who suffered major sacrifices necessary for the liberation of the whole world, according to Boulevard Voltaire.

    The publication further said that now Moscow is warning so that the scenario doesn’t repeat itself.

    We must cease to be satisfied with words; the author wrote saying that, “Today again, together with the Russian people we have the same enemies. It is radical Islamism and neo-liberal globalism. At first glance, it's different things but in reality we are talking about two hands of the same monster — a tumor on the body of the modern world, multinational elites who own the money,” wrote the publication.

    Russia won the “terrible civil war against Islamists in the Caucasus (1994-2000).” At that time the jihadists were funded by the Gulf monarchies and the CIA was involved, with the support of the majority of the Western media. Behind Russia’s victory stood Vladimir Putin himself, the publication noted.

    Currently, “Russian army is successfully helping Syrian people in their heroic resistance against Daesh and other barbarians.”

    France, however, was not allowed by “Uncle Sam” to either join Russia, or even to fulfill its obligations under the contract for the Mistral. “Our leaders are on the other side of the barricades,” the author wrote.

    The priority for the French government has always been to conquer Bashar al-Assad, that’s why it supplied weapons to al-Nusra Front — a branch of al Qaeda in Syria, the publication noted.

    Despite all that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly offered European leaders to form a common front against international terrorism and its supporters.

    “Putin on July 15 for the first time directly addressed the French people, as he does in his own country by engaging in dialogue with the people, bypassing the Russian state machine, which is deeply corrupt and linked to the pro-Western oligarchy,” the publication noted.

    Today, the West does not have the right to repeat the tragedy of 1939, by once again rejecting the extended hand of Russia.

    It is necessary to put a choice to the French president or even an ultimatum: union with Russia or resignation, Boulevard Voltaire stressed.


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