17:29 GMT30 October 2020
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    More than 183,000 people have registered to vote in the Labour Party leadership race precipitated by criticism of incumbent Jeremy Corbyn's lackluster campaign to keep Britain in the EU, angering thousands of young Labour supporters.

    Corbyn was swept to power in the leadership election in September 2015, helped by a boost in supporters who were able to vote for US$4. However, he has fallen out with young Labour supporters and most of his own MPs, who say he failed to press home the Labour policy of remaining in the EU at the referendum on June 23.

    Feelings are running high among young Labour supporters who wanted to stay in the EU and are demanding Corbyn be replaced. A new campaign group, Saving Labour was established at the end of June 2016 and may be part of the reason 183,000 people have registered to vote in 48 hours.

    The group said:

    "It is clear Jeremy Corbyn cannot win a General Election, has alienated almost all his colleagues in Parliament, has failed to set any kind of policy agenda and cannot meet the profoundc hallenges of the future."

    Youth Failure 

    "It is evident that during the referendum, Jeremy Corbyn did not deliver a clear or passionate Labour message for why to vote Remain. To those young people damaged by this result, there must be action. Jeremy Corbyn failed to articulate what so many young people believed was right — to remain in the EU — and failed to turn large numbers of young people out to vote. His leadership left large proportions of our membership confused as to where Labour stood on the EU, and damaged us in Labour heartlands." 

    "In many Labour areas, the electorate voted to Leave the EU by a large margin, despite the party's position backing a Remain vote. We believe that the Labour Party London Young Labour (LYL) exists to promote Labour candidates and socialist values.

    "Leaving the European Union is a huge blow to those values — it is much worse than losing a general election. This will mean huge losses for young people. Lost jobs, opportunities, studying, friendships, relationships as well as a loss to London as a global city."

    In the immediate aftermath of the referendum, Labour MPs held a vote of no confidence in Corbyn, which he lost by 172 to 40. He claims he has a popular mandate following last year's leadership election. However, with campaign group Saving Labour amassing growing support, the race is now on between Corbyn and his left-wing and union fans and those — like many young supporters — who believe he failed Labour over Brexit.


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