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    British soldiers with the 1st Armoured Division stops and search Iraqis Monday March 24, 2003, at a checkpoint on the road to Basra. Security around military convoys and encampments has been stepped up after British Army officers warned that their soldiers had come under attack from guerrilla-style paramilitary shootings in southern Iraq

    Blair Slammed Over UK’s Role in Yugoslavia Amid Chilcot Report Revelations

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    The long-awaited release of the Chilcot report is a major event according to Vladeta Jankovic, the former ambassador of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the United Kingdom. In an interview with Sputnik, Jankovic shared his views on the report.

    According to Jankovic, British media had been writing about insufficient evidence for a long time but despite the lack of evidence regarding Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Tony Blair’s skillful propaganda won.

    “It seems that the adviser of our (Serbian) Prime Minister Vucic is going to get what he deserves and it would be fair because he pulled his state in an unfair and costly war, betrayed national interests and people's trust. If someone has to be in court, it's Tony Blair,” Jankovic said.

    According to the former ambassador, the Chilcot report raises questions about London and Washington as well.

    Independent British observers have long said that the foreign policy of London is completely dependent on the US and that Blair was a “poodle” of the American president.

    “It is one thing to have a special friendship and alliance, and quite another to put your own destiny in the wrong hands and that is what Blair did.”

    Jankovic further said that Blair, who called NATO aggression against Yugoslavia a “battle between good and evil, civilization and barbarism, was one of the most active lobbyists for this intervention.”

    Milovan Drecun spoke to Sputnik about Blair’s lobbying for intervention in Iraq and Yugoslavia in 1999.

    “Colin Powell during his time at the UN rostrum argued that the Iraqi regime has weapons of mass destruction and that Hussein is linked to al-Qaeda and Bin Laden. Even then it was clear that the truth is different, because the former agents of the CIA kept saying that they informed the American president that Hussein has no such weapons,” Drecun said.

    The expert further said that the Iraq War earned British firms a lot of money. There was evidence that in the first year reconstruction in Iraq, these companies received 600 billion dollars.

    “Even if the amount was a hundred times smaller still, the money was earned based on the fact that Blair, under US leadership, destroyed a sovereign state without any reasons,” Drecun said.

    There is a lot of doubt that Blair will ever face justice. It depends on the political influence of the structures that were behind the intervention in Iraq.

    Drecun further stated that in addition to the structures associated with business, there's also a project of actually reconstructing the Middle East, where Iraq's stability has no place. “Blair is being protected from carrying any responsibility and his involvement in reconstruction which was aimed at snatching all natural resources from the country.”

    The expert also mentioned that after NATO’s aggression against Yugoslavia, reports started appearing from the deputies in the British Parliament, in which they openly stated that it was an illegal operation and resulted in killings of peaceful civilians. However, no one paid attention to these reports,” Drecun concluded.

    The UK government released a report by Sir John Chilcot devoted to the UK’s role in the 2003 Iraq War.

    Blair has been criticized for the United Kingdom’s involvement in the conflict that stretched throughout 2011. The campaign was to topple then Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on suspicion that he had weapons of mass destruction. The operation killed 179 British soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, many of them civilians.


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