18:54 GMT01 December 2020
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    As the landmark NATO summit is about to begin in Warsaw, the leaders of 28 NATO allies and many partner nations are about to travel to the Polish capital. It seems there will be no lack of entertainment and services for the foreigners.

    The portal fakt.pl published an interview with one of the managers of an escort agency. The manager said there is a need to hire additional employees ahead of “hard times.”

    “Mostly men will arrive and after work they would need interaction with a woman, so they will come to the city. That is normal. It is like this everywhere. I do not exclude that we will have to take additional girls for the job,” the woman told fakt.pl. According to her, the rate starts at 300 zlotys (about US $ 100).

    Tomasz Borowiecki, former chief editor of Hustler Polska, told Sputnik that this is either incorrect information, or self-promotion.

    The price of $100 is announced only to drunk and depressed foreigners, that is, when the girls can sense that the man seems rich and can pay the price they are asking.

    According to him such services are actually much cheaper. “This rate was voiced 10 years ago. The truth is that the girls of the NATO summit will rent brothels and will conduct their business by a special order.”

    The editor doesn’t agree with the brothel’s manager and feels that contrary to what she said only a small part of the participants of NATO summit will come to the city.

    According to him the helpful hotel staff often takes care of its guests making sure they do not get bored at the empty bar counters. The city is a place for thrill-seekers. Most of the “customers” are too lazy and rather take advantage of the room service.

    The hotel staff gets an additional 100 zlotys ($ 30) for a girl. “So this three hundred is complete nonsense,” Borowiecki said. “12 years ago we had an office on Novogrodski. The girls were on the floor below. It was 100 zlotys per hour for full service — drinking, foreplay, sex or blowjob.”

    Talking about the actual price of such services, Borowiecki said that only in Mokotów (one of Warsaw districts), there are more than 6,000 such proposals, so no one in their right mind would pay so much.

    According to the former erotic magazine editor, the military officials and diplomats are not going to seek “happiness in apartments.”

    Partly the reason for that is because half of the girls who work in the center are either Ukrainian or Belarusians. As Borowiecki pointed out it is too close to the eastern front line. “No sane person would allow himself to run into blackmail, especially now that NATO is careful not to mess up in the east.”

    However, as the editor said “demand is not a sin” and those who want, can find a way. There is always the internet and portals such as odloty.pl, roksa.pl and x-foczki.pl, which can provide ladies across Warsaw and individually negotiate prices and service packages.


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