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    Spanish Intelligence Warns of Imminent Terror Attacks From Daesh Affiliate

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    Al Andalus, a "special group" established by Daesh, plans to stage a series of terrorist attacks in Spain, according to the country's newspaper ABC.

    A series of terror attacks may be carried out in Spain by the Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) 'special group' Al Andalus, according to the country's intelligence services, the Spanish newspaper ABC reported.

    According to ABC, the confidential information was obtained by the country's anti-terror services, which is why Spain has been at a level 4 (out of 5) terrorist alert since June 2014, when Tunisia, France and Kuwait were hit by Islamist terrorists.

    The existence of Al Andalus has been disclosed by Spanish intelligence services although there is no definitive proof at the moment. The terrorist sub-group derives its name from the one Muslims used for Iberia when they ruled all or part of it between the 8th and 15th century.

    The newspaper also claimed that the Al Andalus terrorists allegedly planned terrorist attacks in Spain in February 2016, information which is yet to be confirmed.

    In an interview with Sputnik, Jose Vargas, head of the Catalan Association of Victims of Terrorism (ACVOT), expressed no surprise about this "sleeping" part of Daesh allegedly preparing new attacks.

    Vargas said that there has been a hidden terrorism threat in Spain for years and that "we cannot relax because the killers may stage a terrorist attack at any time."

    "Life for the terrorists is of no value. Due to its proximity to the Maghreb, Spain has always been on alert because terrorism could affect the country at any moment. Nevertheless, I believe that we are well protected," Vargas said.

    He also described international cooperation in the fight against terrorism as "a very important thing", which he said adds significantly to preventing terrorist attacks.

    In a separate interview with Sputnik, Angeles Pedreza, ex-president of the Spanish Association of Victims of Terrorist Organizations, warned of the imminent terror threat to Spain. 

    "The main danger emanates from jihadists. We have been talking about this since the 2004 terrorist attacks in Spain. I believe that the whole world, especially Europe and Spain, are facing a huge terror threat. I do hope that I am wrong, but I believe that this will happen again in Spain," he said.

    For his part, political analyst Juan Aguilar told Sputnik that there is a sort of a "breeding ground" for Daesh in Europe, which exists in the form of the Muslim populations living in European cities. According to Aguilar, they are able to get a car or any means of communication in order to help the terrorists conduct an attack.

    According to Pew Research estimates, Spain's Muslim population was estimated at less than one million in 2010, or 2.1 percent of the total population.

    In January 2015, the terrorism threat level in Spain was raised to 3 following the attack in Paris that left 12 people dead at the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

    The country hadn't been at level 4 since al-Qaeda's March 11, 2014 Madrid train bombings, which left 192 people dead and over 2,000 injured. 


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