12:16 GMT17 April 2021
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    Brexit (289)

    Polling stations across Britain have closed, as Britons have made their choice on whether they need to continue the country's membership in the European Union, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

    LONDON (Sputnik) — No exit polls are expected at this referendum, therefore the world will get the idea of the vote's outcome only as the results appear throughout the night. Final result will be announced Friday morning.

    Just over half of the British support staying withing the European Union, a YouGov poll of 5,000 people revealed.

    The poll results, released just after voting on EU membership ended in the United Kingdom, showed that 52 percent of Brits were in favor or remaining part of the European Union, while 48 percent supported Brexit (leaving the EU).

    ​Britons had to vote in tough weather conditions, with heavy showers and floods across the country. It is to be seen whether it impacted the turnout.

    The question that was asked was "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" Voters had to tick a box either next to "Remain a member of the European Union," or near "Leave the European Union" option.

    The vote will have far-reaching repercussions for the EU and UK economies and foreign policies, as well as for the composition of the British government.

    Brexit (289)


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