12:49 GMT19 January 2021
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    Brexit (287)

    In case of leaving the EU, UK will be allowed to re-enter the European Union only on severe conditions for the country.

    LUXEMBOURG (Sputnik) – In case of Brexit, the United Kingdom will be allowed to re-enter the European Union only on "unacceptable" terms for the country, such as the eurozone and Schengen memberships, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Monday.

    "If Britain decides to leave, there will be no going back. Britain could never rejoin the European Union at a later date, except on terms that would be unacceptable – membership of the euro, membership of Schengen, and so on," Hammond told reporters before the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting.

    ​Voters across the United Kingdom will take part in a referendum on Thursday to decide whether or not the country should exit the European Union.

    According to the latest data provided by the Financial Times' Brexit poll tracker, the gap in the numbers between those supporting the United Kingdom's membership in the bloc and those intending to vote "leave" disappeared over the weekend.

    Brexit (287)


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