21:36 GMT24 November 2020
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    A French police officer and his wife were stabbed to death by a man who had sworn allegiance to Daesh. Political analyst and associate fellow at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations in Paris, Dr Jean-Yves Camus, spoke to Sputnik about this attack.

    “This is the first time a member of the French police has been attacked inside his home and this is something really new and it has come as devastating news to the police force here. The trade unions within the police are very much asking authorities for more safety.”

    He mentioned that it was decided yesterday by the French Interior Minister that starting from now the police officers will be able to carry their gun even when they are not on duty, even at home. The analyst said that it is a step to ensure the security of police officers.

    “We are on very high alert especially with EURO football now taking place in several big cities in France. We are on very high alert since the terrorist attack which took place in January 2015. But we have thousands of people that are ex-convicts or who are in some way involved in planning a jihad to Syria or Iraq,” Camus said.

    He said that France lacks people in the security services to keep track of all of them.

    Camus mentioned that under current legislature once a convict is out of prison there is no way to keep track of him and his activities.

    “This fellow after he got out of jail was tapped several times by the police because they suspected that he could become involved in a terrorist incident but when they listened to his conversations there was nothing in there to indicate that he was somehow breaching the law.”

    Talking about the current football championship taking place in France, Camus said that there is danger prevailing because Daesh said that it would strike during the EURO.

    “There is also a possibility that due to heightened security the militants will not strike big but carry out individual attacks like they did with the two police officers. They can target individual members of the army and the police, everything that in their mind is a symbol of the French state and the French authorities,” Camus concluded.

    The man who killed the French police officer and his partner in a stabbing attack near Paris claimed allegiance to Daesh. As he held the officer's wife and child hostage, Abballa told negotiators that he had sworn loyalty to Daesh three weeks earlier, the French prosecutor Francois Molins said on Tuesday.


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