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    Miniature pigs racing.

    'David Hameron' v 'Boar-is Johnson': UK Mini Pigs Race to Predict EU Vote

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    Forget opinion polls, voter trends and detailed research about key issues, a British farm has come up with an alternative way to predict the outcome of next week's EU referendum – by racing miniature pigs.

    With the pigs of Pennywell Farm in Devon, southwest England, correctly predicting the outcome of last year's UK general election, owner Chris Murray decided to put his troops back on the track to see whether the UK will vote to remain in or leave the EU.

    Lining up for the Pennywell "Remain" team are "David Hameron" and "George Hogsborne," in a nod to Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne.

    ​Meanwhile, some prominent figures are also represented on the Brexit side, with "Boar-is Johnson" and "Iain Duncan Sniff" running for the anti-EU arguments of Boris Johnson and former cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith. 

    With opinion polls suggesting the vote is going to be extremely close, Murray is putting the mini pigs through a 137 meter-long obstacle course, which features two jumps, named "Bacon Brook" and "The Trough," and a finish that consists of separate Union Jack and EU-themed gates.

    In a reference to the conflicting arguments of the Brexit debate, and the inaccuracy of some pollsters in recent elections, Murray said racing his mini pigs might make more sense in predicting the final outcome.

    "It's a murky question, we are all in the fog about it and I think that these little Pennywell miniature pigs will actually find a way through this fog of confusion and indecisiveness," he told Reuters.

    The farm will be conducting the races daily until the June 23 referendum.

    Brexit (255)


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